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So I just bought a new Sony Xperia Z3 Compact from Sri Lanka

After almost 3 years of awesomeness with my Nokia Lumia 820, it had come to a point that I needed to buy a new smartphone. 😀 I really enjoyed my time with Lumia 820, but to be honest since last year I was kind of getting bored of it. And its started having a few hardware issues, such as random network disconnecting, and the camera photos were getting blurred and so on. 😦 So it was high time to switch after almost 3 years… 😀

Love at First Sight… 😉

This time I went for Sony, which had been my favorite Smartphone brand since long time back. I always loved their amazing design, build quality and specially awesome features. 😉 I was never a fan of enormous screen sized smartphones, which in my opinion completely ruins the definition of a mobile phone. So I was looking for a small screen sized phone, and fortunately I found out about Sony Xperia Z3 Compact which is the compact model of Xperia Z3 ! 😀
I literally fell in love with this phone since the first sight of it. So I did some in depth research about this phone before deciding I was gonna buy it.

Phobia of Precautions… 😦

And very disappointingly some users of Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact models has complained about some ‘Self cracking screen issue‘ which got me very skeptical. I went through so many user forums, Sony forums, XDA forums regarding this issue and there were complains from a lot of people and they were saying that Sony doesn’t cover this in warranty, but however in some News report Sony had agreed that there was some defected stock has been released by accident. But all in all I somehow decided to buy this phone, as there were a lot more users who had reported saying they weren’t having such an issue, which was bit of a relief.

Final decision was taken… 😀

So I straightened up my mind, wishing for the best, I decided to buy this awesome smartphone, Sony Xperia Z3 Compact … 😉


 Deciding on a Mobile Phone Shop to buy in Sri Lanka…

So when I stepped outside the house to buy this phone, I decided to buy this from a well known reputed mobile phone shop, rather than going for the lowest price from a small shop, specially because of the above ‘Self cracking screen issue‘ that some Xperia Z3C users were having. By the time I was looking for this phone it cost around Rs. 57,000 – Rs. 59,000 so obviously not much of a difference whether you buy from a small shop or a bigger shop. After visiting a few popular shops around Colombo I found out that none of the shops in Sri Lanka would cover such an issue (Self cracking screen issue) with the warranty, everyone was saying if we are able to prove that it’s a manufacturer fault, only then they would repair it. So I realized there’s no point of worrying about the warranty as every single shop here offers the same crappy warranty, I somehow bought it from Dialcom in Sri Lanka for Rs. 59,900 after a few of my friends’ recommendation. (which actually drained over half of my bank account 😛 )

So here it is, the thing of Beauty and Awesomeness…


From the moment of unpacking it, it was a thing of wonder… 😉

WP_20150510_16_14_30_Pro WP_20150509_19_28_02_Pro WP_20150510_16_14_46_Pro




Such a beautiful slim and light design… with uncompromised performance.. 😀



WP_20150510_16_16_39_Pro WP_20150510_16_17_32_Pro WP_20150510_16_18_11_Pro

From the moment you unlock that screen, is like entering into a whole new world of beauty.. 😀 the screen, is epical indeed with its TRILUMINOS Display and X-Reality Engine, which truly brings an amazing display…


What’s in the Box… :O

Now this is what you get with the whole box…


WP_20150510_16_20_02_Pro WP_20150510_16_19_24_Pro

I never expected such a high quality headset with the phone.. 🙂 oh well, Thank you Sony ! Except for that it’s just the charger and the USB cable you get in the box.


It was a truly surprise with the performance in such a compact device, Quad-core 2.5 GHz Krait 400 Processor and GPU, Adreno 330 seems to be paying up over the expectations…

WP_20150510_16_29_53_Pro WP_20150510_16_30_10_Pro WP_20150510_16_30_20_Pro

In some reviews they had mentioned the sound quality is not that good in this device, but for me with those front dual speakers, it gives an awesome experience for watching movies and videos…

One of the best things about this awesome smartphone is that it fits so perfectly in hand, specially for someone like myself having a comparably small palm.. 😛
It gives a truly premium feel of a mobile device when you hold this in your hand, durable tempered glass panels on front and back sides, along with the round comfortable edges give a real amazing feeling…


A defect or not ? 😦

So I was playing around with the phone for a while, holding it with both hands 😛 , well you know the excitement you get when you first use your new mobile phone, whereas you hold it very carefully worrying every second whether your would drop it… 😉

Anyhow after a while I realized that the Sim Card cover flap kept slowly open, every single time I close the flap it kept on popping open very slowly. The most annoying thing was it slowly pops open after 20 mins every single time I closed it.

Below is a close up picture I took for this issue…

Closing the Sim Card flapWP_20150511_09_20_31_Pro

After 20 Mins… WP_20150511_09_51_14_Pro

Another side-close up of before and after 20 mins…



I was sick worried about this issue, I thought it would get fixed after sometime , but it didn’t. Then also it hit me that when I first opened the box I saw that this same flap had popped out, but I didn’t take it to much consideration as I had just opened the box and it popped out only after 20 mins. I was wondering whether this phone is also one of those defected phones that Sony had release…

Thankfully, it was fixed… 😀

So the next day I took it to Dialcom, they checked it and cleaned the cover flap with some liquid, which surprisingly fixed it. They said that this happens to most of the Xperia models when they are right out of the factory, and it’s not a big issue whereas it only occurs due to some oil liquid being contacted with the flap during the manufacturing.

So keep in mind, if you are buying this phone, when you first open up the box and any of the Sim card or SD card cover flaps are popped out open, then make sure to inform them and get the flaps cleaned up. So that you won’t go through the same burden I went through…

Oh well now it works perfectly… 🙂 Thanks Dialcom for saving me from a heart attack. But I’m still a bit skeptical whereas this is also one from the defected stock Sony has released. Therefore I will keep a careful watch and update this post.


Now that was my entire experience with before and after buying this phone… Yes ! I’m literally in love with this phone, and I gotta tell you this is one of the best smartphones I have ever experienced.

If you are like me, who doesn’t prefer bigass screen phones, then this is definitely the Smartphone you should go for… pretty sure you will not regret it.. 😉

Final Presentation at ICTA e-Swabhimani Competition 2014

And this was me presenting on my project ‘Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons‘ in front of all the judges and competing Corporate giants…
as a Finalist at ICTA e-Swabhimani Competition 2014 ! 😀

And yes I won the Special Award for e-Entertainment category ^_^ !

Visit the Project Website here –

You can Check out the Official Fan page of the Project here –

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After the Graduation Ceremony… ^_^

Yeeeeei ! 😀 Graduated as a BEng(Hons) Software Engineering with a blast on the stage ! 😉


that moment when they called “W.U.A. Alwis”, the next thing I know, I jumped on to the stage shouting out and while leaving the stage shouted out saying to the whole audience “Amma, I’m a Graduate !” (Mom, I’m a Graduate !) One of the best moments of my entire life… 😀

Oh well everyone was acting like robots and walking across the stage 😛 So I thought of doing something truly Human and Fun, most of all it was my moment to cherish ! 😀 hehe xD


Very well it has been an extraordinary, amazing and epic journey throughout last 4 years at APIIT Sri Lanka ! Specially my Mother who believed in me since the beginning, when I told her I needed to achieve my dream without wasting time going around like everyone else.. and my Father who supported me from the fullest in everything ! Thank you ❤ !

I honestly had the best time of my life back at APIIT, with all the crazy fun and incredible hard work… I would say I rebranded myself there.. 😀 It was a place where I was pushed to realize nothing was impossible, and recognize my hidden strengths and move forwards… Also I was truly lucky to have such an epic bunch of friends ! I really love you guys and will surely miss yol 😀 !


Finally but not least I would like to Thank all the Lecturers who guided us all the way to achieve this amazing achievement.. Thank you all ! 😀

Oh yeeeeeeeeeee xD Lalalaaaaaaaa 😀 ^_^

Welcome to ÇøŋfuzëÐ SøurcëÇødë Tech Innovations !

Welcome to the ignition of Tech Innovations in Sri Lanka. We are a Sri Lankan based company that focuses on Technological Innovations and pushing the the boundaries beyond the Imagination.



I have always been extremely passionate about Innovation and Creativity, and as a result of that I used to invent new things using whatever I learned. Even back in School Days I used to develop new inventions and win awards at competitions. That drove me to University, while studying Software Engineering, I always used to build new software tools y my self in whatever the theory that we learned during lectures, whereas most of the time I got too obsessed and I went ahead learning everything by myself about any specific subject. 
I have always dreamed of solving real life problems through new inventions and ideas, which is still the force that drives me forward. So as a result of my passion towards innovations and experimentation, I happened be developing so many softwares and apps which I had published to the public market. This sparked me the idea of initiating a startup of my own which I could drive through my passion. So here it is, Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to  ÇøŋfuzëÐ SøurcëÇødë Tech Innovations !
– Udara Alwis a.k.a. [CODENAME : ÇøŋfuzëÐ SøurcëÇødë]

Connect with us on our official Facebook page from the below link,

ProfilePic1 qrcode (2)

We already have a series of ongoing Innovative Development Projects and below are some of them.

Windows Phone App Development

We have already developed and published a series of Innovative and Creative Windows Phone Applications and published on Microsoft Windows Store which has gotten over 160,000 downloads worldwide along with a rapidly growing user base.

Over 30 Windows Phone Apps published…

Over 160,000 Users Worldwide…


As we go on forward we are hoping to keep on developing more and more Innovative Windows Phone mobile apps. Also we are offering services to the public and business, so if you are in need of developing a Windows Phone app for your Company or Business, contact us immediately.

You can view all our Windows Phone apps by from below link,



Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons Project

Welcome to “Sri Lanka Newspaper Cartoons” project, A centralized portal for showcasing and viewing all Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons published across the web. How we do this ? We have hosted cloud servers that crawls throughout the web searching for Newspaper Cartoons using our unique Web Crawling technologies and algorithms, where we will capture them and present to you by streaming from those servers.


We simply bring all the Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons that are published across the web to one place and let you access them in a very easy to use, friendly, interactive way. We bring an ultimate experience of viewing Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons. Stunning visuals, interactive user experience blended together along with a faster and easier access and look up. “Sri Lanka Newspaper Cartoons”, we are empowering talented Sri Lankan Cartoon Artists to showcase and reach more audience easily and quickly and for the User, we are bringing an ultimate experience to view all Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons published across web, right from your fingertips….

Our fully automated system that is running behind this project was able to fetch over 11,000 Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons, while making this project the Sri Lanka’s first ever Largest Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons collection ever created.

Over 11,000 Newspaper Cartoons…

We are also opened up for Advertisers to publish ads on this project’s website and mobile app which are being used by over 1000s of users worldwide…

2 6 5 7

Download the Windows Phone app of our Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons project –

Here are some of the special features that we are bring you…

  • View all the Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons that has ever been published in Newspaper from one single place as you wish…
  • Stay up to date with the latest Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons and you can even view the oldest Cartoons ever…
  • Like or Dislike and Rate every single Cartoon…
  • Add Keywords and Tags to Cartoons as you like..
  • Easily share Cartoons with your Social Networks…

Sri Lanka Newspaper Cartoons Gallery


So join with us for the ignition of the next step of Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons entertainment…

Sri Lankan Memes Book

Welcome to the first ever largest Sri Lankan Memes collection ! The most awesome place for Sri Lankan Memes ! (^_-) Join with us today…


So are you Bored at Home ? or Work ? 9gag much ? a Memes fan ?
Welcome to the first ever largest Sri Lankan Memes collection !
Join Sri Lankan Memes Book today for the most awesome Sri Lankan Memes entertainment…

Welcome to the epic Book of all the Sri Lankan Memes Published on Facebook with over 15,000 Memes encountering Thanks to our unique intelligent Web Crawlers executing on Cloud… We are still on Beta level.. Stay tuned for our Official Release ! (^_-)

Sri Lankan Memes Book brings you the most amazing experience you ever had with Sri Lankan Memes entertainment. Such as,

  • View all the best Memes on Facebook
  • Even the Latest Memes, Recent Memes, Older Memes, most Liked or Disliked Memes, most Viewed Memes and so on..
  • View all the Memes under your favorite Meme pages
  • Vote Your favorite Memes
  • Daily updates of all the best Memes on Facebook
  • Like or Dislike Memes as you wish
  • Easily Share on Facebook or Twitter
  • View the best, Sri Lankan funny videos on Youtube…

You can also Watch the most awesome funny Sri Lankan Videos on Youtube via Sri Lankan Memes Book TV !


Visit our official Website –

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You can Subscribe to our Mailing list to receive daily awesome Sri Lankan Memes right into your inbox –


Please drop a Like to the page if you think its awesome 😀 ! This is the first time such an app has been developed, so your support is highly appreciated. Please share with your friends as much as possible. 🙂

We have also opened up for Advertisers to publish Ads and Banners on our website and the mobile application. Please contact us if you are interested…

I Was There Map

I Was There Map, allows you to view all the places you have visited and your Facebook Check-ins. You can view all the amazing information statistics you have never known about those places and your check-ins. You will be shown all the interesting information about You and those check-ins like no other.
This project was developed based on ASP .net and C#. We have developed by our own custom API to grab data from Facebook for each and every user upon their permissions. We have invented a couple of innovative Algorithms in order to generate the relational data and information regarding the user and their check-ins information.

I Was There Map

Please check out more information from the below link,

Your Friends Map

Using ‘Your Friends Map’ you can view all your Facebook friends locations and hometowns in the world map. And it shows you a full list of all the locations and hometowns of your friends separately along with the number of friends in each location. This project was developed based on ASP .net and C#, where as I have used my own Custom Facebook API for pulling and streaming data from Facebook by the user’s permissions when the log in to the App.

We have invented a series of innovative algorithms to process the data and produce information regarding the user and their Friends, to populate statistical relationships.


Please check out more information from the below link,

Sri Lankan Photography Project

This project brings all Sri Lankan Photography that are published on Facebook to a one place, giving an ultimate experience to the user. With “Sri Lankan Photography”, we are empowering talented Sri Lankan Photographers to reach more audience easily and quickly and for the User, we are bringing a stunning ultimate experience for you to view all Sri Lankan Photography published on Facebook, right from your fingertips. This app provides so many special features, such as facilities keep in touch with the user’s favorite photographers as they wish, instantly viewing all the photo albums published on their public pages. Sharing those photography with user’s friends immediately on demand.


Please go to this link to view the full Article of our Sri Lankan Photography Project,

Mobile In-App Advertising Project (Phase 1)

We have launched a project where we are giving In-App Advertising facilities to Advertisers and Companies in a series of popular Mobile apps developed by ÇøŋfuzëÐ SøurcëÇødë Tech Innovations.



Please go to this link to view the Full Article of this project –

Undisclosed Projects (under development) –

Intelligent Data Mining App (based on Social Media) Framework

A framework to fetch public Social Media data and coming up with analytical information through data mining…

Lanka Tuk Tuk Services Project

A new way of thinking about three wheeler services in Sri Lanka… (Coming Soon)

Mobile In-App Advertising Platform

A mobile in-app advertising platform for Sri Lankans…


So thats a little heads up about ÇøŋfuzëРSøurcëÇødë Tech Innovations initiation. So if any of you are interested of being a partner or an investor we would be very grateful to have you.

Till next time everyone.. 🙂 Cheers !


She said, Cut it Son ! You will feel much Better !

Cut it son ! Believe me you will feel so much better !
Aneee no amma (mom) I can’t ! 😦
OMG ! ok ok fine ! -_-

That was a small conversation I had with my mom often once in a month when i was a kid. Let me get back to that later. Last week I went to get a hair cut as my hair has grown too much and it has started to irritate me ! So I had the hair cut and went home, had a bath and laid on my bed under the ceiling fan. OMG ! Such a feeling 😀 ! lol It felt so much comfortable cutting that long hair, such a comfortable feeling on top of my head, as if the a huge rock I was holding on my head was taken off or something 😛 . This got me thinking…

When I was a kid, mom used to take me to the barber to cut my hair once a month, which was one of the most hated things in my life those days as a kid. It was almost like cutting my head off and mom used to tell the barber to cut my hair so short to the millimeter, so she would be able to get rid of the headache of taking me to the barber sooner. 😛

Every single time she took me to barber we used to have the above Dialog conversation which I have mentioned in the beginning ! xD Back then I never realized what it meant, given the fact that I hated cutting my hair, I thought she was lying just to make me cut it and it was so annoying. Where as there was thought in my head those days, the more you grow your hair the more cool you were back in school among other kids. 😛

But what do you know, now I realize that she was Right ! It does feel much better cut the hair after its been grown. If you think of it scientifically, We live in Sri Lanka a third world country where we get 360 days of burning sun light being situated near the equator, and most of all considering the dusty dirty roads. Not to include the way we travel by buses and walking on those roads under the heavy sunlight its no wonder we sweat and our heads get dirty, as for when it comes to long hair it gets dirty and sweaty easily. It gets so irritating at nights when it starts scratch after going home even if you have a bath, but then worst case what if you don’t get to have a bath ? OMG, disaster ! lol

Therefore its always better to cut the hair and keep it considerably short whenever possible rather than going for a long hair for a long time. Unless you are kid of a millionaire father where you would get transport in front of your feet, staying in the AC rooms whole day, having someone to carry an umbrella behind you, and blah blah… lol

So Thank you mom ! for making me realize ! 😀

lol 😉


PS – Something I wrote being bored at Office ! xD


Coming Soon… Your Friends Map V 1.0

I was really bored working on my Final Year Project presentation last few days… Going through a presentation even after that whole suffocation of project submission. SIGH ! Well I love doing presentation, but knowing all the marks depends on it, sorta sucks ! (-__-)

Anyhow here is something I have been working for the last couple of weeks.. 🙂 outta my boredom of working on the presentation. lol 😀

Your Friends Map
View all Your Facebook Friends Locations and Hometowns on the World Map…

Come soon folks.. Stay Tuned with Confuzed SourceCode ! 😉

Your Friends Map V 1.0

Some More Cool Stuff… This is Big Data Representations baby… Hold Tight ! 😉





Stay Tuned…………………….. 😉

Oki guys, the Beta is being released, check it out right now ! 🙂

My Windows 8 Store App Development Projects

I have jump started App development for Windows 8 Store since couple of months back now, whereas I kept on getting more and more addicted to it as a hobby. So I thought of sharing some of the Applications I have developed and published so far.

Click on each heading or the screenshot, to view them in Microsoft Store ! 🙂

Sri Lankan Photography

The first Centralized portal for showcasing all the Sri Lankan Photography published on Facebook.

Xtream Youth Sri Lanka

We simply bring all the Xtream Youth content that are published across their facebook page to one place and let you access them in a very easy to use, friendly, interactive way. We bring an ultimate experience of viewing Xtream Youth content right in front of your finger tips. Stunning visuals, interactive user experience blended together along with a faster and easier access and look up.

Sri Lankan Eventography

A Centralized Portal for Event Photography in Sri Lanka. We simply bring all the event management and photography pages to one place and let you access them in a very easy to use, friendly, interactive way


The Centralized Portal for viewing and showcasing Talented Artists and Art Drawings published across Facebook pages.

Tomorrowland Music Festival

So are you a fan of Tomorrowland ? or an Enthusiast like ourselves who enjoys that sensation of being a part of that amazing long experience, then this is the App for you ! We simply bring you an ultimate experience of viewing content and staying up to date of Tomorrowland Music Festival that are published across facebook…

Lanka Higher Educational Institutes

A Centralized Portal for viewing and showcasing Sri Lanka Higher Educational Institutes and their Information.

Grumpy Cat Meme Reader

Who doesn’t love the Grumpy Cat ! 😀 Now you can view all the Grumpy Cat Memes published across Facebook fan pages in one central place, with simple and easy to use access along with interactive and stunning visual experience thanks to “Grumpy Cat Meme Reader”.

Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons

A centralized portal for showcasing and viewing all Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons published across the web in a very easy to use way right from your finger tips. How we do this ? We have hosted cloud servers that crawls throughout the web searching for Newspaper Cartoons using our unique Web Crawling technologies and algorithms, where we will capture them and present to you by streaming from those servers.

Sri Lankan Models

Are you a Professional Photographer ? or an Amateur ? Producer ? Director ? Cinematographer ? or anyone who seeks for Models Photography ? Tired of going through search engines, blogs, photography sites looking for models or may be to study them ? wasting hours in your life ? Here we have a Solution for you, A centralized portal for viewing all the models photography. View all the models images in a one place, with all the latest images available online.

Sri Lankan Meme Reader

Sri Lankan Meme Reader, a simple attempt to bring all your favorite and popular SL memes to a one place. This app allows you to view all the SL memes which were posted on facebook daily through some of the top Sri Lankan Meme fan pages.
SL Meme Reader has the capability of fetching all the latest Memes available. Whenever a new meme has been posted to facebook, you can instantly view them through this app.

Cody Harvard Referencing Assistant

Easily and Quickly reference your websites with less time consumption according to Harvard Referencing Practices.

LED Xtream

LED Banner Display for Windows 8 Tables and PCs. Developed by Udara Alwis and Nisal ‘Cheezy’ !

So you wanna be an Inventor ? Pointless ! (-_-)

Look at all the Developed countries, or india, china, some of the fastest developing countries… When they were reaching that level, one of the main strategies they used was empowering their own Innovators and supporting innovations every step of the way !
but here in Sri Lanka, Innovators are being ignored, innovations are being thrown to the garbage pit ! lol ! Way to go, the so called miracle of Asia ! 

Another ignored, unsung, and wasted Innovator in Sri Lanka, the same usual tragedy which every single Inventor in our country goes through… SIGH !

Sri Lankan Wedding Photography

Are you preparing for one of the most special events of your life, your Wedding ? The moment that you start a new life with your loving lifelong partner ? or Are you a Wedding Planner ? or a Wedding Photography enthusiast ? Then you must certainly be looking for Wedding Photographers and their Photography !

Have you been wasting a huge amount of time, searching, asking around, looking into advertisements ? blah blah… In fact, there are a loads of Photographers and their firms in Sri Lanka, though there isn’t any way to access them in one place, or moreover showcase their amazing Photography works… Now that is where we come in.. bringing you a complete Solution,

Sri Lankan Wedding Photography – A Centralized portal for Viewing and Showcasing all Sri Lankan Wedding Photography in one single place, right in-front of your finger tips.

SL Wedding Photography

The one and only Sri Lankan Wedding Photography App in Windows Marketplace !

Enjoy !

Calling all the Windows Phone Users from Sri Lanka

Are you a Windows Phone User or an Enthusiast from Sri Lanka ? then Join our community, where we all come together and share everything related to Windows Phones, Ask any questions, connect with other Windows Phone Users from Sri Lanka.

We bring you latest News and Content about Windows Phones. Specially we are bringing you all the latest prices for Available Windows Phones in Sri Lanka, along with special offers, promotions and etc in Local Stores !