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A Cool Breadcrumbs Bar with Xamarin Forms Animations…

A Breadcrumbs bar? Bread? Crumbs? Breadcrumbs? Ok I don’t wanna make you hungry right now! 😛

le Breadcrumbs bar…

But hey you know the Breadcrumbs bar we use in our UI designs! that bar kind of thingy that they put up, to indicate Navigation steps in Websites and mobile applications(not often though). Yeah that one, exactly! 😀

So the other day I had to implement a Breadcrumbs bar control with some nice animations to one of our Xamarin Forms apps… First I was like, Breadcrumbs bar? they actually use them in Mobile Apps? Well turned out to be YEAH! some still do! lol 😛

So I thought, why not give a try to Xamarin Forms Animations while I’m at it, without diving in to the native level to handle all the nice animations.

So as a result of that, let me introduce you to the Cool Breadcrumbs Bar cooked right out of Xamarin Forms Animations. 😉

This Breadcrumbs Bar control can be used to show case navigation path in your Xamarin Forms mobile applications, and you could use this as a separate ui control and add it to each page in your app, and set it to nicely animate and showcase breadcrumbs path in those pages. 😀

Now how did I do it?

In simple theory, I created a StackLayout control, which adds Labels horizontally on demand, but when the Labels are added to the StackLayout, they are being added with a nice X axis point transformation from right end of the screen to the left end using Xamarin Forms Animations. Likewise, each breadcrumb gets added next to each other one by one on demand.


^^ Yep that’s the actual Breadcrumbs bar control I implemented with Xamarin Forms! 😉

Now I must inform you for the sake of the post I have done a simple implementation in a sample code, since I can not share the original implementation I did for my company project. So you should be smart enough to extract this implementation into another control and use it as a component for your pages. 😛

Now if you’re one of em lazy people, then grab my github up in here : XFBreadcrumbsBar

Let’s get into coding.

Alright create your Xamarin Forms PCL project and follow me!

namespace WhateverYourNamespace
    public class HomePage : ContentPage
        private StackLayout _breadcrumbStackLayout;
        private ScrollView _breadCrumbsScrollView;
        private Button _addNewBreadcrumbButton;
        private Button _clearAllBreadcrumbsButton;

        public HomePage()


Alright we create the HomePage and make sure to add those initial elements which we will be using later.

Create the Breadcrumbs Bar

Next lets create our simple but awesome Breadcrumbs bar implementation with the above StackLayout and ScrollView.

// le animated breadcrumbs bar
_breadcrumbStackLayout = new StackLayout()
	Orientation = StackOrientation.Horizontal,
	HorizontalOptions = LayoutOptions.FillAndExpand,
	Children =
		new Label
			HorizontalOptions = LayoutOptions.Start,
			Text = "Welcome!",
			FontSize = 15,
			FontAttributes = FontAttributes.Bold,
			TextColor = Color.Black,
	Padding = new Thickness(10,0,10,0),
	HeightRequest = 30,
_breadcrumbStackLayout.ChildAdded += AnimatedStack_ChildAdded;

// let's add that breadcrumbs stacklayout inside a scrollview
_breadCrumbsScrollView = new ScrollView
	Content = _breadcrumbStackLayout,
	Orientation = ScrollOrientation.Horizontal,
	VerticalOptions = LayoutOptions.StartAndExpand,


Now let me do a bit of explaining there, I have created StackLayout with Horizontal Orientation so that we could stack up our breadcrumb Labels next to each other. Then I have added a Label as the first child to showcase the first default Breadcrumb in the bar. 🙂

Next I have wrapped the StackLayout inside a ScrollView, to allow the new Breadcrumbs to be visible in case the Breadcrumbs StackLayout gets filled and more breadcrumb Labels are to be added. So that we could scroll to the end of the Breadcrumbs StackLayout and make them visible. 😉

Then notice I have subscribed the to ChildAdded event? yep that’s to handle new Breadcrumbs being added at the runtime, which we will get into later. 😀

Add the rest of tid bits for the UI

Next let’s add a title to the page and two buttons to show case the awesome Breadcrumbs bar, then put them all together into the Content of the page.

// Button for adding and removing breadcrumbs 
_addNewBreadcrumbButton =
	new Button()
		Text = "Add a Breadcrumb",
		TextColor = Color.Black,
		BackgroundColor = Color.White,
		BorderColor = Color.Gray,
		BorderWidth = 2,
_addNewBreadcrumbButton.Clicked += AddNewBreadcrumbButtonOnClicked;

_clearAllBreadcrumbsButton =
	new Button()
		Text = "Clear Breadcrumbs",
		TextColor = Color.Black,
		BackgroundColor = Color.White,
		BorderColor = Color.Gray,
		BorderWidth = 2,
_clearAllBreadcrumbsButton.Clicked += ClearAllBreadcrumbsButtonOnClicked;

// Now put em all together on the screen
Content =
new StackLayout()
	Padding = Device.OnPlatform(
	new Thickness(5, 40, 5, 0), 
	new Thickness(0, 20, 0, 0), 
	new Thickness(0, 20, 0, 0)),
	Orientation = StackOrientation.Vertical,
	Children =
		new Label()
			VerticalOptions = LayoutOptions.EndAndExpand,
			HorizontalTextAlignment = TextAlignment.Center,
			Text = "Welcome to the Breadcrumbs Bar with Xamarin Forms !",
			FontSize = 25,
			TextColor = Color.Black,

		new StackLayout() { 
			Children = { 
			VerticalOptions = LayoutOptions.End,
			Padding = new Thickness(10,10,10,10),

BackgroundColor = Color.White;


Alright no need to spoon feed this part I suppose, since the basic Xamarin Forms stuff. Those Button click events we will handle next! 😉

Adding a new Breadcrumb?

Don’t you worry child! Here’s the button click event I talked about earlier, AddNewBreadcrumbButtonOnClicked.

private void AddNewBreadcrumbButtonOnClicked(object sender, EventArgs e)
	_addNewBreadcrumbButton.IsEnabled = false;

	// retrieve the page width
	var width = Application.Current.MainPage.Width;

	// Add the new Breadcrumb Label
	_breadcrumbStackLayout.Children.Add(new Label
		// Grab some random text (as in insert whatever 
		// the text you want for your new breadrumb)
		Text = "/ " + 
		RandomWordGenerator.GetMeaninglessRandomString(new Random().Next(5, 10)),
		FontSize = 15,
		TextColor = Color.Black,
		TranslationX = width,

	// Scroll to the end of the StackLayout
		ScrollToPosition.End, true);

	_addNewBreadcrumbButton.IsEnabled = true;


Now here is where we add the new Breadcrumbs to the Breadcrumbs Bar StackLayout at run time. Pretty simple right?

Ok when you click on the “Add a Breadcrumb” button, it will first retrieve the Screen Width and then create a Label which represents a Breadcrumb and add some dummy text to it. Oh by the way to generate a dummy text I’m using this super simple static class which I created earlier you can grab it in this post : Random String Generator 

Then we are setting it’s TranslationX property to the Width of the screen, which will place this Label at the edge of the Breadcrumbs Bar StackLayout.

After adding the Label, next we are scrolling the ScrollView to the end to make the transition visible for the new Breadcrumb Label.

Now you should keep in mind that,

You can add any type of Breadcrumbs to the breadcrumbs bar, such as Buttons, Images etc… and make it look even more cooler! 😉

Next is the beautiful Animation part….

Awesome Animation…

So this is the most important part where we are animating out the Breadcrumb Label getting added to the Breadcrumbs Bar.

private void AnimatedStack_ChildAdded(object sender, ElementEventArgs e)
	Device.BeginInvokeOnMainThread(() =>
		var width = Application.Current.MainPage.Width;

		var storyboard = new Animation();
		var enterRight = new Animation(callback: d => 
		_breadcrumbStackLayout.Children.Last().TranslationX = d,
		start: width,
		end: 0,
		easing: Easing.Linear);

		storyboard.Add(0, 1, enterRight);
		"RightToLeftAnimation", length: 800);


So to explain a bit we are using a compound animation to animate the Breadcrumb Label’s X position from the starting point to the 0th point of the screen. Since we originally set the X position to the edge of the Screen, now we can decrease it through an Animation and bring it to the position it should be placed, which is next to the previous Child in the _breadcrumbStackLayout. 

This gets fired whenever you click on the  “Add a Breadcrumb” button and a new child gets added to the StackLayout, resulting a beautiful animation from right end of the screen to the left.

PS : You can play around with the Easing of the Animation and the timing to add beautiful animation to it. Use your imagination and go crazy! 😉

Clear the Breadcrumbs!

This is super easy!

private void ClearAllBreadcrumbsButtonOnClicked(object sender, EventArgs eventArgs)

	new Label
		HorizontalOptions = LayoutOptions.Start,
		Text = "Welcome!",
		FontSize = 15,
		FontAttributes = FontAttributes.Bold,
		TextColor = Color.Black,


Just get rid of the Children in the StackLayout and add the default Breadcrumb back if you wish like I have chosen above 😉

Next is Run time!

That’s it fellas, hit F5 and watch the magic! 😀

breadcrumbs-bar-android  breadcrumbs-bar-ios

Well here’s the cool Breadcrumbs Bar control I added in my project after all the customization. 😉

screen-shot-2017-01-26-at-7-17-11-pm screen-shot-2017-01-26-at-7-17-22-pm

Here’s a little tip, I basically moved the Breadcrumb related stuff to a custom control and used them in all the app pages. So now whenever we navigate to any page the breadcrumbs bar will nicely animate itself at the page visible event. 😉


So your imagination is the limit fellas!

Enjoy! 😀

Xamarin Forms Custom Listview with some added awesomeness… ;)

Let me make it obvious, are you looking for a Xamarin Forms Listview that could have awesome features such as Infinite Scrolling, Load More footer button, Activity Indicator, Data Source awareness, and so on ? Alrighto ! then keep on reading my friend… 😉

It’s about to go down! 😛

So there was this one day, I came across implementing a simple Listview with an infinite data loading, whereas when the user reaches the end of the listview scroll, it should automatically load more items to the listview and so on. And easy enough I recalled some article I read through Xamarin Weekly Newsletter sometime back, so my lazy self wanted to look it up and check out the implementation. and yes it was a great tutorial indeed, I ended up finishing the implementation in few hours.
But my boss man wanted me to add a “Load More items” button at the bottom of the listview, instead of having to load items automatically while scrolling.

Well well, it seemed like no more lazing around, and just to make it fun, I took this as an opportunity to create an awesome-Listview with both those capabilities included and few more added sweetness… 😉 So here I am sharing my code as usual… 😀

And yes I must admit that I got inspired by the infinite scroll listview and I used his implementation of infinite loading method code in my own improved listview, so a big shout out for the developer of that listview. 🙂 You can check his github from here. Codenutz.XF.InfiniteListView

behold the AwesomeListView …

Now I shall reveal the Awesome-ListView of mine… 😀 and yes of course I literally named it the AwesomeListView ! lol

Instead of chunks of the code, I shall post the entire code at once, so anyone could easily use it upon their wish.. 😉

namespace WhateverYourNamespace.Controls
    /// <summary>
    /// A simple listview that exposes a bindable command to allow infinite loading behaviour.
    /// Along with Footer 'Load more' items button functionality and Auto Disable functionality
    /// </summary>
    public class AwesomeListView : ListView
        Button btn_LoadMoreItems;

        ActivityIndicator ActivityIndicator_LoadingContacts;

        /// <summary>
        /// Constructor - Pass in true/false to visible/hide Listview Footer 'Load more' items button
        /// </summary>
        /// <param name="IsLoadMoreFooterVisible"></param>
        public AwesomeListView(bool IsLoadMoreItemsFooterVisible = false)
            ActivityIndicator_LoadingContacts = new ActivityIndicator
                Color = Color.FromHex("#FF3300"),
                IsRunning = true,
                HorizontalOptions = LayoutOptions.FillAndExpand,
            if (IsLoadMoreItemsFooterVisible)
                // Setting up 'Load More' items footer

                btn_LoadMoreItems = new Button
                    Text = "Load More... ",
                    TextColor = Color.White,
                    BackgroundColor = Color.FromHex("#0066FF"),
                    BorderRadius = 0,
                    BorderWidth = 0,
                    BorderColor = Color.FromHex("#0066FF"),
                    VerticalOptions = LayoutOptions.EndAndExpand,
                    HorizontalOptions = LayoutOptions.FillAndExpand,
                btn_LoadMoreItems.Clicked += btn_LoadMoreItems_Clicked;

                this.IsLoadMoreItemsPossible = true;

                this.Footer = new StackLayout
                    Orientation = StackOrientation.Vertical,
                    Children = { ActivityIndicator_LoadingContacts, btn_LoadMoreItems },
                    Padding = new Thickness(0,5,0,5)
                // Setting up 'Infinite Scrolling' items

                ItemAppearing += AwesomeListView_ItemAppearing;

                this.Footer = new StackLayout
                    Orientation = StackOrientation.Vertical,
                    Children = { ActivityIndicator_LoadingContacts },
                    Padding = new Thickness(0, 5, 0, 5)

        #region UI Control Events

        /// <summary>
        /// Click event of Listview Footer 'Load More' items button
        /// </summary>
        /// <param name="sender"></param>
        /// <param name="e"></param>
        private void btn_LoadMoreItems_Clicked(object sender, EventArgs e)
            if (LoadItemsMoreFooterCommand != null && LoadItemsMoreFooterCommand.CanExecute(null))

        /// <summary>
        /// List View ItemAppearing event for infinite scrolling
        /// </summary>
        /// <param name="sender"></param>
        /// <param name="e"></param>
        private void AwesomeListView_ItemAppearing(object sender, ItemVisibilityEventArgs e)
            // Checking whether its possible to load more items
            if (!IsLoadMoreItemsPossible)

            var items = ItemsSource as IList;

            if (items != null && e.Item == items[items.Count - 1])
                if (LoadMoreInfiniteScrollCommand != null && LoadMoreInfiniteScrollCommand.CanExecute(null))


        #region Bindable Properties

        /// <summary>
        /// Gets or sets the property binding that defines whether the list has reached the 
        /// end of the items source thereby declaring its not possible to load more itmes... 
        /// </summary>
        public static BindableProperty IsLoadMoreItemsPossibleProperty = BindableProperty.Create<AwesomeListView, bool>(ctrl => ctrl.IsLoadMoreItemsPossible,
        defaultValue: false,
        defaultBindingMode: BindingMode.TwoWay,
        propertyChanging: (bindable, oldValue, newValue) =>
            var ctrl = (AwesomeListView)bindable;
            ctrl.IsLoadMoreItemsPossible = newValue;

        /// <summary>
        /// Gets or sets the property binding that defines whether the listview is busy 
        /// loading items in the background to the UI
        /// </summary>
        public static BindableProperty IsBusyProperty = BindableProperty.Create<AwesomeListView, bool>(ctrl => ctrl.IsBusy,
        defaultValue: false,
        defaultBindingMode: BindingMode.TwoWay,
        propertyChanging: (bindable, oldValue, newValue) =>
            var ctrl = (AwesomeListView)bindable;
            ctrl.IsBusy = newValue;

        /// <summary>
        /// Respresents the command that is fired to ask the view model to load additional data bound collection.
        /// </summary>
        public static readonly BindableProperty LoadMoreInfiniteScrollCommandProperty = BindableProperty.Create<AwesomeListView, ICommand>(bp => bp.LoadMoreInfiniteScrollCommand, default(ICommand));

        /// <summary>
        /// Respresents the command that is fired to ask the view model to load additional data bound collection.
        /// </summary>
        public static readonly BindableProperty LoadMoreItemsFooterCommandProperty = BindableProperty.Create<AwesomeListView, ICommand>(bp => bp.LoadItemsMoreFooterCommand, default(ICommand));


        #region Propertries

        /// <summary>
        /// Gets or sets the property value that defines whether the list has reached the 
        /// end of the items source thereby declaring its not possible to load more itmes...
        /// </summary>
        public bool IsLoadMoreItemsPossible
            get { return (bool)GetValue(IsLoadMoreItemsPossibleProperty); }
                SetValue(IsLoadMoreItemsPossibleProperty, value);

                // Setting the value to button if it is available
                if (btn_LoadMoreItems != null)
                    btn_LoadMoreItems.IsEnabled = value;

                    // Setting grey color for the button background in disabled state
                    if (!btn_LoadMoreItems.IsEnabled)
                        if (Device.OS == TargetPlatform.Android || Device.OS == TargetPlatform.iOS)
                            btn_LoadMoreItems.BackgroundColor = Color.FromHex("#C0C0C0");
                            btn_LoadMoreItems.BackgroundColor = Color.FromHex("#C0C0C0");
                        if (Device.OS == TargetPlatform.Android || Device.OS == TargetPlatform.iOS)
                            btn_LoadMoreItems.BackgroundColor = Color.FromHex("#0066FF");

        /// <summary>
        /// Gets or sets the property value that defines whether listview is busy loading
        /// items in the background or not
        /// </summary>
        public bool IsBusy 
            get { return (bool)GetValue(IsBusyProperty); }
                SetValue(IsBusyProperty, value);

                // Setting the value to ActivityIndicator
                if (ActivityIndicator_LoadingContacts != null)
                    ActivityIndicator_LoadingContacts.IsVisible = value;


        #region Commands

        /// <summary>
        /// <summary>
        /// Gets or sets the command binding that is called whenever the listview is reaching the bottom items area
        /// </summary>
        public ICommand LoadMoreInfiniteScrollCommand
            get { return (ICommand)GetValue(LoadMoreInfiniteScrollCommandProperty); }
            set { SetValue(LoadMoreInfiniteScrollCommandProperty, value); }

        /// <summary>
        /// <summary>
        /// Gets or sets the command binding that is called whenever user clicks on the 'Load More' footer button in the ListView
        /// </summary>
        public ICommand LoadItemsMoreFooterCommand
            get { return (ICommand)GetValue(LoadMoreItemsFooterCommandProperty); }
            set { SetValue(LoadMoreItemsFooterCommandProperty, value); }



Alright, I shall discuss some of it’s added awesomeness from one after the other…

Constructor – As you can see above in our  AwesomeListView’s constructor I have defined a boolean parameter, which defines whether you need to use the ListView with the infinite scrolling enabled ? or whether you want to use the ListView with the Load More footer button enabled. This is very easy to use based up on your choice… 😉 When you pass in true it will enable the button and add it to the footer of the listview, along with its button clicks and commands. If not it will use the infinite scrolling feature.

UI Control Events – There are two event handlers, btn_LoadMoreItems_Clicked is for handling the click event of the footer button and the next one AwesomeListView_ItemAppearing is for handling the infinite scrolling. Inside that we have the logic for checking the appearance of the last item in the listview, and based on that the Load more command is fired. Also you may have noticed that it’s checking for a boolean value inside the event, which is to check whether the datasource has the capability to provide more items for the ListView to display. This can also be externally wired up by the ViewModel, and it’s very useful because the ListView won’t be wasting anytime firing up unnecessary data loading calls to the viewmodel when the datasource has no more data to provide.

Bindable Properties – We will be using those Bindable Propoerties to wire up the necessary functionality of this ListView to the outside code. IsLoadMoreItemsPossibleProperty defines whether it’s possible to load more data to the listview or not, based on the values provided by the ViewModel and IsBusyProperty is for defining whether the ListView is busy loading data in the background. And then comes the LoadMoreInfiniteScrollCommandProperty and LoadMoreItemsFooterCommandProperty, which are the Command Properties you could use for binding the ListView commands whether you need to call them based on infinite scroll or from the footer button command. You need to use the command property upon your  choice whether you need the infinite scroll listview or the footer button enabled listview. 😉

Propertries – I have defined a IsLoadMoreItemsPossible property which defines whether its possible to load more items from the data source in the viewmodel. This could be wired up through the above explained bindable property. There you may have noticed that in the setter method I’m setting the value directly to the footer button’s enable property, so that when the ViewModel informs the listview there are no more items to load in the data source, then the Footer load more items button will be disabled automatically. 😀 Then we have the IsBusy property which denotes whether the ListView is busy (actually the ViewModel) loading data from the background service or from the datasource to the UI. This is also used to make visible or hide the ActivityIndicator based on the passed in value of the ViewModel.

CommandsLoadMoreInfiniteScrollCommand and LoadItemsMoreFooterCommand, These are the Commands that will be used for loading data based on whether you have chosen the infinite scroll listview or the footer button enabled listview. These commands will be communicating through the bindable properties I have described above.

How to ?

Here is how you could use this in your own application if you ever find it confusing to implement this AwesomeListView… 😉

// Pass in the parameter defining whether you need the Infinite scroll or load more footer enabled
AwesomeListView ListView_Contacts = new AwesomeListView(true);

// Whatever your item template
var ListItemTemplate = new DataTemplate(typeof(TextCell));
ListItemTemplate.SetBinding(TextCell.TextProperty, "Name");
ListItemTemplate.SetBinding(TextCell.DetailProperty, "Phone");

// Setting the bindings for the AwesomeListView from your ViewModel as you please..
ListView_Contacts.SetBinding(AwesomeListView.ItemsSourceProperty, "ContactsList");
ListView_Contacts.SetBinding(AwesomeListView.SelectedItemProperty, "SelectedContact");
ListView_Contacts.SetBinding(AwesomeListView.IsEnabledProperty, "IsFree");
ListView_Contacts.SetBinding(AwesomeListView.IsBusyProperty, "IsBusy");
ListView_Contacts.SetBinding(AwesomeListView.IsLoadMoreItemsPossibleProperty, "IsLoadMoreEnabled");
ListView_Contacts.ItemTemplate = ListItemTemplate;

ListView_Contacts.SetBinding(AwesomeListView.LoadMoreItemsFooterCommandProperty, "LoadMoreContactsCommand");


Now how about you wanted to use the infinite scrolling functionality in our AwesomeListView ? It’s quite simple enough…

// Pass in the parameter defining whether you need the Infinite scroll or load more footer enabled
AwesomeListView ListView_Contacts = new AwesomeListView(false);

// Setting the bindings for the AwesomeListView from your ViewModel as you please..
ListView_Contacts.SetBinding(AwesomeListView.LoadMoreInfiniteScrollCommandProperty, "LoadMoreContactsCommand");


Change the constructor parameter to false and wire up the LoadMoreInfiniteScrollCommandProperty to your ViewModel. 😀

Here’s some screenshots of our AwesomeListView in action…

Untitled design

Anyhow I shall write another complete article along with a full example implementation of my AwesomeListView according to the MVVM pattern. Stay tuned fellas ! 😀

Well there it goes folks, hope this post was helpful for you and prolly saved you a lot of time if you were ever intrigued by the same situation I went through… 🙂 Please share this among other developers and you may save another developer’s time as well… 😉

Cheers ! Stay Awesome ^_^ !

How it Feels like to be truly Satisfied and fallen in Love with your Job …

Before I begin, I am currently working as a Software Engineer at an Europe based IT company here in Sri Lanka. And YES ! surprisingly I am truly satisfied with my Job ! 😀

But some of you might be wondering what qualifies me to define the fine line between true job satisfaction and dissatisfaction. To keep it short, I have been to the both ends, and to elaborate let me give you a little insight of my story…


So here is my Story…

I finished my degree by the age of 21, and right after that I got job offers from three famous companies in Sri Lanka after successfully passing through all their interviews. So what did I do ? like every other excited-inexperienced-smart graduate, I chose the Job offer with the highest salary and accommodation without considering my passion for innovation, creativity and new technologies as a fresh college graduate.


Everything was great and going smooth except for the job didn’t turned out to be what I was expecting, so I started to get bored of it. So after completing a considerable work period, I left the job, hoping for a different next step. Learning one of the biggest lessons of my life, when it comes to your Career, never choose money over your life’s passion… 🙂

A Little break for Life…

So for few months, I took a little break, did some freelancing, tried to start off something of my own. But mostly I guess, I just wanted to take a break and refocus on my passion. 🙂 So after two or three months, I got a new Job offer which seemed kind of interesting… 😉 So I thought of giving it a try.

A new Hope…

And I started off working, but I didn’t keep much hopes as I had for my first job, because I didn’t want to get disappointed and suffer later on. But surprisingly after few days of working, I fell in love with that job. I started to love every single day at work. It was the kind of job I have been dreaming to have, filled with innovation, new technologies, and experimentation. And whenever I got home, I couldn’t wait to go back to work the next day… 😉 My life started changing in so many ways since then, and after a long time I was feeling fulfilled about my life…

So starting from having a disappointing career experience and then ending up with a truly satisfied career experience… let me share some of my own Experience of How it Feels like to be Truly Satisfied with your Job… 😀
And Yes, I know this “satisfaction” may or may not last forever or for a long time, as nothing is permanent and everything is constantly changing in this universe by its nature, I’m really valuing and and enjoying it to the fullest while it lasts… After all, change is Inevitable ! 😉 That is Life !

So how does it really Feel ?

Now I should tell you, I have been observing and analyzing my own experience and behaviors regarding this since the beginning whereas I have been collecting facts to write this article since over 9 month. So summing up all the facts, Lemme being… 🙂

You can’t wait till you get back to work next day…

This is the first feeling you will encounter, at the end of the working day, you won’t be able wait till you get back to work on the next day. You prefer staying at office and keep on working even after office hours. Mostly you will wait till the security guards closes the office and shuts down all the light. This used to happen to me all the time, specially during the first 6 months, I was among the last few to leave office. (Later I forced myself not to wait till they close the office lol)
You may get forced to leave office being worried, thinking you couldn’t wait more longer and keep on working. And you may go home after closing the office, but still you will be impatiently waiting till the next day morning to get back to work. 😉

Weekends ? You will be counting hours till Monday!

Oh please, while your friends are waiting for the Weekends to arrive with all their #TBT #TGIF #ThankGodItsFriday and #FinallyItsFriday hashtags, you will hate it when the Weekend arrives. Yes it is true, when you are truly satisfied with your job, you won’t even think of the Weekends to arrive, in fact you wish if there were no weekend. And during your weekends, you will be literally counting hours for it to over and get back to work on Monday! While your friends be like,  #IHateMondays #OhShitItsMonday, and there you would be like all pumped up for work, counting hours for the Monday to begin. The best feeling when you are truly satisfied with your Job is that, when everyone is hating their Mondays at office, you would be loving the Mondays, you would be super energetic and pumped up to begin your work. Yep I know, sounds funny… but that is what happens when you are truly satisfied with your Job ! 😉

You will be like, Thank God It’s Monday #ThankGodItsMonday #TGIM #ILoveMondays…

Simply put, you are gonna love Mondays ! Like I mentioned earlier this is one of the best feelings you would ever encounter. While everyone is hating Mondays, you would absolutely love Mondays, and you would be thanking whoever the guardian higher power you believe in.. 😉 You would be counting hours during weekends and once the Monday arrives, you would be super energetic and pumped up to begin your work while everyone is cursing their Mondays. Personally this is by far one of the best feelings I have ever encountered, because I used to hate Mondays during my previous job, but now I absolutely LOVE MONDAYS ! ❤ 😀

You wish if you could work on Weekends as well…

Yes weirdly enough, you are gonna wish if you could work on Weekends as well. There was this one time I couldn’t bear it up and I asked the manager if I could come to office on Saturdays and keep on working, where he advised me not to even think of it and go out to enjoy real life. lol (whereas later I adopted some habits and activities to do on weekends, such as going out on adventures, cycling, running and so on)
This occurs especially during the first few months of your job once you get satisfied (but later you might find some alternatives to do like I did)… When you are in love with your job, you begin to dislike weekends, and you wish if you could work on Weekends, because simply you are bored of Weekends, having nothing to do, or even if you do have things to do, you would prefer your office work more than them.. 😉 And it gets worst, if you have nothing planned to do on your Weekends, you are going to be bored to death and you will be wishing to get back to work as soon as possible.

Nine to Five routine ? Screw that ! I want more…

Like I mentioned earlier, you are gonna get hungry for your work, you just don’t want the day to end, and specially while your friends are waiting for 5PM to get out of office, you wouldn’t even care about the time. You would simply want to keep on working and you wouldn’t even notice the time moving. And yes this phenomena, I still go through it almost every single day… 😛

You wake up with so much of Energy and Motivation!

Every single morning you will be waking up with so much of Energy and Motivation to go to work, and not only related to work, but also other aspects of your life. You will be pumped up, ready to get back to work every morning when you wake up. You would be ready to go through any challenge at work, and in fact you’ll be on fire at the moment you start working in the morning. With that mentality you get an extra push to set your mind to overcome any challenge or difficulty of your life.

You feel Fulfilled, Happy about Yourself and your Life…

You begin to feel fulfilled about your Life as well as Yourself as a whole, whereas in almost every aspect of your life you begin to feel complete and calm. That feeling of fulfillment and happiness is something truly amazing and very hard to come by for anyone. 😀 We all want to feel fulfilled, about ourselves, and being able to satisfy with your job, plays a huge role in that pursuit. Happiness is something that we all seek for, and let me tell you, when you are satisfied with your Job, you feel an immense amount of happiness throughout your day, whereas Happiness comes as a part of the fulfillment. 😉 You become more optimistic towards life and everything that you go through in your daily life.

You make everyone Happy around you…

With that energy, motivation, fulfillment and happiness comes another benefit, where you begin to make everyone around you Happy ! 🙂 As you become more positive towards every aspect of your life, you begin to direct the same mindset for people around you, your parents, life partner, family, friends and so on. You are always calm and you could easily tolerate anyone around you. You become more positive and cheerful when it comes to dealing with your loved ones so in return you end up making them happy…

Your Efficiency, skyrocketing at work…

One of the best results of being truly satisfied with your job, is that you become more efficient at your workplace, whatever the work you are given, or however challenging it is, you become insanely efficient in it. That very sense of motivation , fulfillment, and happiness become the key ingredients for this amazing force. As you begin to love your work, your efficiency may sky rocket in ways that you won’t even believe. Whatever the work you have given, you would be able to finish it off way better, way quicker in ways you wouldn’t have even thought of before. Your brain gets super focused during your work, that everything becomes so easy to you, that you could easily figure out anything, given any challenge and finish off your work even before the deadlines. Not only that, the quality of your work will begin to improve unbelievably. You will be very much confident in everything you engage with your office work, because you would be doing it with passion for the joy of the job you’re doing. 😉
This effect, I have experienced very well with my work as for the last few months, I have been noticing myself being able to finish almost all the tasks way before deadlines and getting way better at the approach of the work after each and every task. 🙂 Likewise overtime you get insanely efficient with your work, when you are truly satisfied with your job… 😀

…beginning to push through your limits beyond the impossibilities !

Along with all the above incredible side-effects of being in Love with your job, you get an extra super power to push forward through your limits, beyond your own impossibilities… expanding yourself into new horizons of success. 😉 Yep that statement may seem to be a little exaggerated, but yes it is kind of true, with proof of my own experience. You begin to explore more knowledge by yourself, and expand your potential. Personally last few months I was able to easily learn so many new things knowledge related to my career which I thought I never would. 😉
You automatically adopt the ability to learn anything easy without any stress, and rapidly absorb more knowledge and experience by yourself. Therefore your job satisfaction plays a huge role in pushing you forward through life and expanding your possibilities…

Now now…

Now I know the above facts/behaviors/effects/ are based on my own experience and could be easily differ from one person to another, depending on their own perspective, whereas one might have their own different ways of being satisfied with their job, with different experience. But overall I suppose most of these facts or experience are common for those who are actually satisfied or fallen in love with your jobs… 🙂

In Conclusion…

Well to simply put it, as a great man once said…


It is hard to find a job that you would love or even like it up to some extent, but if you are determined enough, it is not that that hard to find, as it all comes down to our own determination and not giving up on our dreams. 😉

Once you find it, become truly satisfied and you begin to love your job… Your life would begin to change in so many amazing ways that haven’t even thought of before… 😉

Cheers everyone ! Wishing you all Success ! 🙂

Stay Awesome ! 😀


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Winning a Special Award at ICTA e-Swabhimani Competition 2014

Oh yeah ! xD One of the most awesome moments in my entire life was when they announced… 😀

“ICTA e-Swabhimani competition’s e-Entertainment and Games section SPECIAL AWARD goes to Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons project by Udara Alwis ! “

OMG ! 😀 that moment of unexpectancy, thinking that I would have no chance among the big companies I competed with during the competition…


WOHOOOOOOOOO ! 😀 Thank you very much Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) and yes it was truly a wonderful event ! 😀

And this was me presenting on my project ‘Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons‘ in front of all the judges and competing Corporate giants… as a Finalist at ICTA e-Swabhimani Competition 2014 ! 😀

Link to Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons project –



You can Check out the Official Fan page of the Project here –



Some Moments to Share…

Receiving the Special Award at ICTA e-Swabhimani all island competition for my Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons project ! 🙂



That moment when you make your own Mother proud… :’)  !  Oh yeah so much of Amma points 😛


Among the Winners at ICTA e-Swabhimani all island Competition… 🙂


Sometimes you just gotta believe in yourself and follow your Dreams by yourself… despite of what everyone else tells you…
And someday you will end up there among the giants… 😉



Some Blog posts regarding my project, Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons,

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Final Presentation at ICTA e-Swabhimani Competition 2014

And this was me presenting on my project ‘Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons‘ in front of all the judges and competing Corporate giants…
as a Finalist at ICTA e-Swabhimani Competition 2014 ! 😀

And yes I won the Special Award for e-Entertainment category ^_^ !

Visit the Project Website here –

You can Check out the Official Fan page of the Project here –

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Just a moment before the Graduation…. ;)

And the day is finally here, officially

Graduating in BENG(Hons) Software Engineering (Second Class First Division) ! xD

Reminds me of the very humble beginning of this dream, when I decided to drop off from my A/Ls Mathematics stream after 6 months of time waste…

When I decided to chase my dream, my passion for technology and innovation, that desperate need of achieving my goal…

Whereas most of my school friends got rid of me thinking that I’m a loser to skip the time waste of A/Ls and jump start my Undergraduate studies, even though they didn’t even know the meaning of what a “Degree” was back then ! 😛 (Seriously everyone thought, I was doing a computer diploma even though I tried to explain that I’m studying for a degree lol) When they were going for Tuition classes I was going for undergraduate Lectures, which I still remember most of them ignored me even in the buses ! 😀 lol

Well after all the hard work and incredible journey of over 3 years end, while my old school friends are still doing CIMA, SIM and all the typical lame courses you do when you waste your life with A/Ls, and trying to find their way… here I am,

Right after my final exams, I got recruited as

a Software Engineer by one of the top IT companies in Sri Lanka just by the age of 21, earning piles of money each month since then, and living my Dream to the fullest ! ^_^

Never underestimate the power of a passionate crazy Dreamer ! 😉


Welcome to ÇøŋfuzëÐ SøurcëÇødë Tech Innovations !

Welcome to the ignition of Tech Innovations in Sri Lanka. We are a Sri Lankan based company that focuses on Technological Innovations and pushing the the boundaries beyond the Imagination.



I have always been extremely passionate about Innovation and Creativity, and as a result of that I used to invent new things using whatever I learned. Even back in School Days I used to develop new inventions and win awards at competitions. That drove me to University, while studying Software Engineering, I always used to build new software tools y my self in whatever the theory that we learned during lectures, whereas most of the time I got too obsessed and I went ahead learning everything by myself about any specific subject. 
I have always dreamed of solving real life problems through new inventions and ideas, which is still the force that drives me forward. So as a result of my passion towards innovations and experimentation, I happened be developing so many softwares and apps which I had published to the public market. This sparked me the idea of initiating a startup of my own which I could drive through my passion. So here it is, Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to  ÇøŋfuzëÐ SøurcëÇødë Tech Innovations !
– Udara Alwis a.k.a. [CODENAME : ÇøŋfuzëÐ SøurcëÇødë]

Connect with us on our official Facebook page from the below link,

ProfilePic1 qrcode (2)

We already have a series of ongoing Innovative Development Projects and below are some of them.

Windows Phone App Development

We have already developed and published a series of Innovative and Creative Windows Phone Applications and published on Microsoft Windows Store which has gotten over 160,000 downloads worldwide along with a rapidly growing user base.

Over 30 Windows Phone Apps published…

Over 160,000 Users Worldwide…


As we go on forward we are hoping to keep on developing more and more Innovative Windows Phone mobile apps. Also we are offering services to the public and business, so if you are in need of developing a Windows Phone app for your Company or Business, contact us immediately.

You can view all our Windows Phone apps by from below link,



Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons Project

Welcome to “Sri Lanka Newspaper Cartoons” project, A centralized portal for showcasing and viewing all Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons published across the web. How we do this ? We have hosted cloud servers that crawls throughout the web searching for Newspaper Cartoons using our unique Web Crawling technologies and algorithms, where we will capture them and present to you by streaming from those servers.


We simply bring all the Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons that are published across the web to one place and let you access them in a very easy to use, friendly, interactive way. We bring an ultimate experience of viewing Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons. Stunning visuals, interactive user experience blended together along with a faster and easier access and look up. “Sri Lanka Newspaper Cartoons”, we are empowering talented Sri Lankan Cartoon Artists to showcase and reach more audience easily and quickly and for the User, we are bringing an ultimate experience to view all Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons published across web, right from your fingertips….

Our fully automated system that is running behind this project was able to fetch over 11,000 Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons, while making this project the Sri Lanka’s first ever Largest Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons collection ever created.

Over 11,000 Newspaper Cartoons…

We are also opened up for Advertisers to publish ads on this project’s website and mobile app which are being used by over 1000s of users worldwide…

2 6 5 7

Download the Windows Phone app of our Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons project –

Here are some of the special features that we are bring you…

  • View all the Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons that has ever been published in Newspaper from one single place as you wish…
  • Stay up to date with the latest Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons and you can even view the oldest Cartoons ever…
  • Like or Dislike and Rate every single Cartoon…
  • Add Keywords and Tags to Cartoons as you like..
  • Easily share Cartoons with your Social Networks…

Sri Lanka Newspaper Cartoons Gallery


So join with us for the ignition of the next step of Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons entertainment…

Sri Lankan Memes Book

Welcome to the first ever largest Sri Lankan Memes collection ! The most awesome place for Sri Lankan Memes ! (^_-) Join with us today…


So are you Bored at Home ? or Work ? 9gag much ? a Memes fan ?
Welcome to the first ever largest Sri Lankan Memes collection !
Join Sri Lankan Memes Book today for the most awesome Sri Lankan Memes entertainment…

Welcome to the epic Book of all the Sri Lankan Memes Published on Facebook with over 15,000 Memes encountering Thanks to our unique intelligent Web Crawlers executing on Cloud… We are still on Beta level.. Stay tuned for our Official Release ! (^_-)

Sri Lankan Memes Book brings you the most amazing experience you ever had with Sri Lankan Memes entertainment. Such as,

  • View all the best Memes on Facebook
  • Even the Latest Memes, Recent Memes, Older Memes, most Liked or Disliked Memes, most Viewed Memes and so on..
  • View all the Memes under your favorite Meme pages
  • Vote Your favorite Memes
  • Daily updates of all the best Memes on Facebook
  • Like or Dislike Memes as you wish
  • Easily Share on Facebook or Twitter
  • View the best, Sri Lankan funny videos on Youtube…

You can also Watch the most awesome funny Sri Lankan Videos on Youtube via Sri Lankan Memes Book TV !


Visit our official Website –

Facebook –

Google –

You can Subscribe to our Mailing list to receive daily awesome Sri Lankan Memes right into your inbox –


Please drop a Like to the page if you think its awesome 😀 ! This is the first time such an app has been developed, so your support is highly appreciated. Please share with your friends as much as possible. 🙂

We have also opened up for Advertisers to publish Ads and Banners on our website and the mobile application. Please contact us if you are interested…

I Was There Map

I Was There Map, allows you to view all the places you have visited and your Facebook Check-ins. You can view all the amazing information statistics you have never known about those places and your check-ins. You will be shown all the interesting information about You and those check-ins like no other.
This project was developed based on ASP .net and C#. We have developed by our own custom API to grab data from Facebook for each and every user upon their permissions. We have invented a couple of innovative Algorithms in order to generate the relational data and information regarding the user and their check-ins information.

I Was There Map

Please check out more information from the below link,

Your Friends Map

Using ‘Your Friends Map’ you can view all your Facebook friends locations and hometowns in the world map. And it shows you a full list of all the locations and hometowns of your friends separately along with the number of friends in each location. This project was developed based on ASP .net and C#, where as I have used my own Custom Facebook API for pulling and streaming data from Facebook by the user’s permissions when the log in to the App.

We have invented a series of innovative algorithms to process the data and produce information regarding the user and their Friends, to populate statistical relationships.


Please check out more information from the below link,

Sri Lankan Photography Project

This project brings all Sri Lankan Photography that are published on Facebook to a one place, giving an ultimate experience to the user. With “Sri Lankan Photography”, we are empowering talented Sri Lankan Photographers to reach more audience easily and quickly and for the User, we are bringing a stunning ultimate experience for you to view all Sri Lankan Photography published on Facebook, right from your fingertips. This app provides so many special features, such as facilities keep in touch with the user’s favorite photographers as they wish, instantly viewing all the photo albums published on their public pages. Sharing those photography with user’s friends immediately on demand.


Please go to this link to view the full Article of our Sri Lankan Photography Project,

Mobile In-App Advertising Project (Phase 1)

We have launched a project where we are giving In-App Advertising facilities to Advertisers and Companies in a series of popular Mobile apps developed by ÇøŋfuzëÐ SøurcëÇødë Tech Innovations.



Please go to this link to view the Full Article of this project –

Undisclosed Projects (under development) –

Intelligent Data Mining App (based on Social Media) Framework

A framework to fetch public Social Media data and coming up with analytical information through data mining…

Lanka Tuk Tuk Services Project

A new way of thinking about three wheeler services in Sri Lanka… (Coming Soon)

Mobile In-App Advertising Platform

A mobile in-app advertising platform for Sri Lankans…


So thats a little heads up about ÇøŋfuzëРSøurcëÇødë Tech Innovations initiation. So if any of you are interested of being a partner or an investor we would be very grateful to have you.

Till next time everyone.. 🙂 Cheers !


Ultimately Boost your Marketing Campaign with Mobile In-App Advertising

Marketing plays a key role in any organization or company, which is why we spend thousands of dollars each and every year. But have you thought for once, those usual common methods of marketing that you use to market your company, services or products are actual effective ? or do you really get the return of the investment ?

Did you know ?

Most of the time we use E-Mail Marketing or SMS Marketing, but have you ever thought whether you get the actual outcome you were expecting in the first place. The answer is NO ! and here are the reasons.

Yes E-Mail Marketing is waste !

Alright lets get an average person, We use e-mails to communicate with each other, and that was one of the main drives for e-mail marketing. That was the situation those days back in early 2000’s  !
But now the world has changed, the people, the technology, people’s lives has changed. Therefore e-mail marketing is rapidly dying, let me explain…

People have become Smarter and Competitive !

People nowadays have a higher computer literacy than the old days and most of the time people ignore the advertising e-mails that they receive and focus on the most important things they want to do with their e-mail account. Simply most of the time, when people receive any advertising or marketing e-mail, they simply report the mail address as ‘Spam’ or just easily block them as E-Mail accounts has become very easy to use and advanced in features. People’s lives today are very competitive and hectic, which leads them to always focus on the most important tasks of their lives, rather than going through spam e-mail advertisements. Therefore they always end up ignoring or blocking e-mail adverts in their mailboxes. But this could be differ if an individual has willingly signed up as a subscriber for a certain product or service.

E-Mail Service Providers are Strict and Intelligent !

Those days, in early millenium, it used to be like, whenever you send someone an email, it always gets end up in the Inbox. Using this advantage E-Mail marketing campaigns plummeted, spamming the user’s email inbox.
But nowadays, E-Mail Services providers such as Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo has become very strict and advanced in intelligence. They automatically identifies spams and advertisements and blocks them by sending them straight to the SPAM folder. They sometimes doesn’t even accept the e-mail into the account if they are for advertising purposes. Therefore nowadays most of your E-Mail marketing campaign’s e-mails are getting ended up in the customer’s SPAM folder ? which your customers never even opens. So ironically all your E-Mail marketing budget is wasted on sending e-mails to your customer’s or target audience’s SPAM folder, which is a huge waste of money.

522__300x300_stop_spam.gif (300×297)      

Nobody wants to be Annoyed or Irritated…

This is the same situation with SMS marketing, whereas users starting to get random SMS text and it gets extremely annoying for them, they simply end up blocking the SMS number easily, number blocking option is simply a click away in Smart Phones nowadays. Thats how most of the time your SMS marketing budget will also go to waste unfortunately.

We are not saying E-Mail marketing is completely useless, but it is just not evolved enough to the modern day world, for the modern lifestyle, therefore it is not much effective as it used to be and your money will go to waste for the most part. Therefore it is high time that Marketers switch to other effective alternatives.


Alright ! So what is the Solution for this ?

There are so many alternatives for E-Mail Marketing in real world such as Web banners, posters, mobile advertising, mobile in-app advertising and so on. We are gonna look at some alternative we think is best suited for the modern world.


Let me introduce you In-App Advertising !

We took all those above described issues very seriously and we have been researching ever since looking for a better solution. So we have finally summed up and came up with this solution of, advertising your ads banners in mobile apps, which is called Mobile In-App Advertising in simplest words !


Since the dawn of Smart Phone, it rapidly spread into the hands of every single customer as we know due to the reason they became extremely cheap. So almost every single individual possess them and the best statistic is that these users use them every single day of their lives. In that case, Mobile Apps plays a huge role which is something that people use almost all the time of the day. It is a well known fact that there are apps to almost every single needs in life nowadays and users are more tend to prefer to apps than websites and other resources, simply because of the interactivity and the ease of use.

Mobile Apps as a Marketing Media ?

All that usage, interactivity, continuous usage ? I mean what more you want ? Yes ! That is right, this is the best place to advertise !

In-app mobile advertising is seeing some of the biggest growth of all advertising media, and is becoming a major revenue source for app developers. The reason why: Smartphone users are spending more and more time with apps, not with web browsers. If you want to reach the audience of smartphone users, you need to invest in in-app mobile advertising. Mobile In-App advertising provides marketers or advertisers a much more effective and efficient ways of reaching their targeted customers and reach more audience. Below are some of the reasons why,


The audience is more engaged, as in the users are always using these apps, which are very interactive. In-app advertising responds to a natural evolution of how people are using their smartphones and mobile devices. People are becoming more engaged with mobile apps, instead of the mobile web.

 In-app advertising is more effective, According to a study by Appsavvy, in-app advertising performs 11.4 times better than standard banner advertising. People rarely click on regular online banner ads, as they tend to see them as intruding on the web browsing experience – visual clutter that is usually not relevant to what they are looking for.
In-app advertising (when done right) tends to be more effective because it’s unobtrusive, it blends in to the overall experience of using the app and it’s more relevant to what people want to know about. In-App advertising provides marketers the power to show the right in app ad, to the right user.

The audience for in-app ads is more sophisticated, Instead of trying to get people’s fleeting attention with online banner ads, in-app mobile advertising  puts the message in front of a self-selecting audience that tends to be more receptive to in-app advertising.
The reason is, if you’re advertising in a game or in a specific app, your in-app advertising message or offer can be highly focused and relevant to the needs of that specific audience. Chances are, your audience’s interests are going to be more closely aligned with what you’re offering in the in-app advertising. This leads to higher click-through rates and better results.

One of the trends driving growth of in-app advertising is the growing amount of time mobile users are spending on social media activity on smartphones. Another reason is that marketing monies invested in in-app ads can produce strong results beyond monetary ROI. In-app ads can provide more information about a user than browser-based use can — enabling better future targeting.

Generally speaking, the surge in the overall amount of time consumers are now spending on their devices is seeing mobile advertising rise generally. A 2012 report from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) found that mobile is the fastest-growing category for advertising, with nearly 150% growth recorded last year. As a result, mobile Web-based display ads are expected to continue to be strong as well this year.

So now, Finally…

So as you can see Mobile In-App Advertising brings you a whole new level of opportunities for highly effective Advertising and Marketing. There are so many researches that are available now proving the efficiency of In-App Advertising. All the above discussed points also proves that Mobile In-App advertising is much better and effective than any old school E-Mail advertising.


Here are straight up advantages you get from Mobile In-App Advertising,

  • Reach a huge number of Audience easily and thereby reach a lot more customers than other advertising media.
  • Get the best results your Advertising campaign with less wastage of your budget.
  • Get your audience to truly engaged in your Adverts and banners with the interactivity capabilities of Mobile Phones.
  • Reach the exact audience you are looking for with the capabilities of Geographical identification of Mobile In-App advertising.

Source –

The world has changed, the advertising ecosystem has also changed rapidly with the growth of technology and people’s lives. Along with that Mobile In-App Advertising has sky rocketed to the top of Advertising strategies in the modern days, where as so many  top popular companies are moving towards Mobile In-App Advertising. Therefore isn’t it high time that you move or add your Marketing Campaign for Mobile In-App Advertising ?  🙂

Are you an Advertiser ? or a Marketer ?

If so then here is a great opportunity for you to start off your In-App Advertising campaign. We have a series of very popular, creative and innovative mobiles apps developed and published to the Microsoft Windows Store which has gotten over 160,000 users worldwide and growing rapidly every day. We are now opening them up to Advertisers and Marketers to publish their Ads and Banners in our apps as Mobile In-App Ads.
We have kept all the statistical data through Google Analytics, which shows that there are thousands of users who are using our apps daily all over the world.

Below are some statistical summary of user base of our apps, where you can see the total number of users for our series of apps and the new users joining daily over 200. 🙂



You can view our Series of app from below link,


We could even provide all the Google Analytics of usage, geography locations, daily usage, and so on for each and every single app in a full report. Therefore if you want to advertise your ads or banners on our app and open them up to a global audience worldwide, please contact us.

We believe as we keep on innovating and developing more and more apps, there is a huge opportunity for Advertisers and Marketers in publishing in-app mobile add in our apps, as the user base will be skyrocketing.

Contact us –

So finally… Stop wasting your money and switch to Mobile In-App Advertising to ultimately Boost your Marketing Campaign profit.

Project – Sri Lankan Photography

What is Project – Sri Lankan Photography ?


It all started off with an enthusiasm, where I simply wanted to build an app where at allows people to view photography published on Facebook, which later turned out to become a large scale project. In simple words Project Sri Lankan Photography is a Centralized portal for viewing and showcasing Sri Lankan Photography. View and Showcase all Sri Lankan Photography that are published on facebook in one single place, right in-front of your fingertips.

Photography in Sri Lanka…

Photography is one of the very famous field in Sri Lankan, where its adoption keeps on growing with a huge number of new Photographers. A lot of photographers are publishing their amazing hard work, their photography, on the biggest Social Media Network, Facebook. But how many people actually follow them? How much publicity could you reach? As there are so many

Photography Pages, how could one individual person reach them at once? Or even be aware of them? Therefore we came up with this simple solution, a centralized portal for viewing all Sri Lankan Photography, “Sri Lankan Photography”! There are so many Sri Lankan Photographers who has published their amazing photographs online on the biggest Social Media Network, Facebook, but there is still no one place to access all those photography.

We saw this burning need, So we came up with a Solution…

Therefore we came up with this simple solution, bringing all Sri Lankan Photography that are published on Facebook to a one place, giving an ultimate experience to the user. With “Sri Lankan Photography”, we are empowering talented Sri Lankan Photographers to reach more audience easily and quickly and for the User, we are bringing a stunning ultimate experience for you to view all Sri Lankan Photography published on Facebook, right from your fingertips. This app provides so many special features, such as facilities keep in touch with the user’s favorite photographers as they wish, instantly viewing all the photo albums published on their public pages. Sharing those photography with user’s friends immediately on demand.

Yes it is Awesome !

AppTile Capture3

Easy to navigate Stunning user interface with seamless multimedia content streaming from our cloud servers. Thanks to this app now the users has the capability for Searching any Photography Album of those photographers instantly, whereas this app streams over 3000 photography albums for the first time in Sri Lanka, while maintaining the largest Photography album database.

The Innovation and Uniqueness…

“Sri Lankan Photography” app is a very unique and innovative projects because this is the first time such initiative has been launched in order to provide a single portal for viewing and showcasing talented Sri Lankan Photography. Even though so many Photographers has published their talented work on Facebook, they are all scattered everywhere, and it will only be visible for a very limit amount of audience, who has liked their pages only.

But from this project all those scattered Photography of these talented photographers, are bringing together as a whole showcasing them to a wider audience at the same time. These Photography data will be fetched from their Facebook pages in real time from our Cloud servers and instantly displayed to the users upon their choice. This whole process happens fully automated through our cloud servers, all those fetched photography will be streaming into the users smartphone seamlessly.

Capture8 Capture6 Capture1

Some amazing features this App brings…

Below are some of the special features this app brings to the user –

  • Easily Search through all the Photography Albums that are published on Facebook pages and view them within seconds like never before…
  • Keep in touch with all the favorite Photographers very easily…
  • Search for any Photography album in one place…
  • Pin you favorite Photography pages and Photography Albums to Start screen…
  • Offline Image Caching facility saves you Data Connection usage and you can view pre-loaded images even if your data connection is offline..
  • Random Gallery – Gives you a random stream of images from all the pages and let you pick your favorites…
  • Unique facilities – Photo Stream, Photo Grid – Quickly view and browse through hundreds of photos…
  • Awesome View – giving you an awesome experience of viewing each Photography album…
  • Play stunning slideshows of each and every photo Album…
  • Share any photography with your Friends or on any Social Media Network…

Capture4 Capture2 Capture7a

Wait what ? the Largest Photography Albums Directory ?

Yes that is true ! Project – Sri Lankan Photography has built the largest Sri Lankan Photography albums database ever created, thanks to our unique high end cloud servers that are automatically executing around the clock. Our cloud servers are streaming from over thousands of Photography Albums into our apps, and using this now you can Search for any Photography album that is published on Facebook, among the thousands that our project has gathered and view them instantly right from our app.

Capture5 Capture5


Alrighto now you know the awesomeness of this project, so why wait ? Go ahead and download it from here right into your Windows Phone ! Or you could try out our Windows 8 PC app which is in Beta level…

Windows Phone –


Windows 8 Store App –

qrcode (1)

So after all that, how are our project Statistics ?

We are very pleased to announce that after about a year of publishing the app into Microsoft Windows Store, we now have over 90,000 users worldwide for our Windows Phone app and over 1000 users for the Windows 8 Store app !

So following are some of the statistics we screenshotted from our Windows Developer account,

stats1And below are the overall statistics of our Windows Phone project, whereas you can see that there are 91,043 users worldwide using our app and nearly 76 news users are downloading our app every single day ! 😉 stats

So Finally…

We are now looking to expand our project more exponentially, therefore if you are interested in our project and you want to publish your Photography page in our app to open up your amazing Photography skills to a worldwide audience of over 90,000 people around the world, then Contact us immediately !

As to cover up our maintenance cost of this project, we are now opened up for advertisers. Therefore if you want to advertise your ads or banners on our app and open them up to a global audience worldwide, please contact us. Thank you !

Are you ready for the ultimate experience ? 😉

Share with your friends and spread the word !

[ÇøŋfuzëÐ SøurcëÇødë]

Welcome to the Toastmaster Timer app for Windows Phone

Toastmasters International
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We Believe…
We believe Smart phone should be a tool to be able to use for anything in Life, one day it might become exactly that along with all these technological advancements. Making things easier and intuitive to use or engage in real life activities, Smart Phones play a major role, whereas developers like us constantly keep on seamlessly bringing the technology closer to real life applications in order to make that Vision a Reality.

Ever been a Timer at Toastmasters Meetings ?
With that thought in mind, Have you ever been the Timer of your Toastmasters Club meetings ? Or even seen how a Timer keeps the timing of each and every Speech and Evaluation ?

If you really had that experience you may have seen them using stop watches, or using their wrist watched, or using some timer app on their mobile phone for the Timing, which is a huge pain and a distraction from the point of view of a Timer.

Being a Timer…
Because you see if you are using a timer, you have to press the start button among all the confusing buttons, and then keep in mind the Time when to show the Green Warning sign, Yellow and Red Warning signs for each and every different Speech types.
And moreover you have to keep a track of time and also hold up the Color Warning signs at the same time. And this gets even more messed up when you have to keep in mind the timing limits for each and every different kind of speech and what if you forget to show the warning signs at one point of time ? Oh my… this is a total Failure !

Don’t Worry.. We found a Solution !
But from now onwards you can Good bye to all that trouble… Let me introduce you Toastmaster Timer ! Timer Role has never been this easier.. 😉
Toastmaster Timer app for Windows Phone is the solution for all the above messed up problems you face in doing the Timer role at Toastmaster meetings. This app would make the Timer role so much easier like never before.

How to ?
How to ? Well all you have to do is Select the Type of Speech -> Click “Start” -> Turn the phone to the Speaker’s side ! 😉


Yeah its incredibly simple to Use…
Yeah thats right ! its that simple ! You don’t even have to use the Warning Color Cards anymore, because Toastmaster Timer app would take care of everything. Toastmaster Timer app would display the warning colors “Green”, “Amber”, and “Red” automatically in full screen so it is visible for even longer distances from stage. And also the Timing is displayed right on the screen therefore it is easier for you and the speaker to see, all you have to do, just press “Start” and turn the phone to the speaker’s side ! Toastmaster Timer app will take care of everything automatically !

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How Awesome this app is…
NO need for anymore Timers and Watches that makes the Timing process so much more complicated, when you have Toastmaster Timer app right on your Windows Phone ! What is so awesome is that, Toastmaster Timer app comes preloaded with all the Speech types and their Timing automatically, which lets you just select the Speech Type and let everything else done Automatically !

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You can even have your own Custom Timing for any speech, just select the “Custom” option from the Speeches list and you will be able to set you own Timing automated ! 😉

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Moreover it will create all the Timing Reports for you and you can view them, send, email them anytime as you wish..

There are a lot more Exciting features in Toastmaster Timer app, which makes the job so much easier for any Timer at Toastmaster meetings. Try out today for free ! 😀

Try out today for Free on you Windows Phone !

Toastmaster Timer

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So Enjoy ! Happy Toastmastering !