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You… the people have the Power !

the Kingdom of God is within Man !
not one Man or a group of Men…
but in All Men !
in You !
You… the people have the Power,
the power to create Machines !
the power to create Happiness !
You… the people have the Power,
to make this life Free and Beautiful !
to make this life a Wonderful Adventure !

(extracted from, The Great Dictator)

Women and Modern Media in 3rd World Countries..

First of all go to this link and watch it…

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The 3rd Worl Countries and Media

I’m from a third world country ! The type of country where there is so much of poverty, hunger, political issues, social issues, and so on. Lets narrow down to India and Sri Lanka. These two countries are located right next to each other, therefore it has caused them to share so many common cultural and social attributes… Separation of social classes, desperation for needs by the poor, media manipulation are very much common for these two countries. Truth be told, when we consider the Media and the Movie Industry, Sri Lankans inherited the Media culture of India since long time back, SADLY ! Our most of our film producers most of the time, copied shit from their movies and adopted them in the Local movies in Sri Lanka, even today we are seeing so many movies being put out to publish, which are like complete rip-offs of Indian dumb movies.

The Adaptation across


BUT there are few movie producers who have been producing amazingly unique creative movies in Sri Lanka, but despite of those few, the rest is total shit copied and adopted from Indian movies. Even if you agree with me or not, it is the ugly truth. Oh the reason why I call Indian movies are dumb ? is because they are like extremely unrealistic, and no proper flow of the story, even by watching them you feel so effing dumb. You may realize if you have been at least randomly watching hindi movies since long time back. But also among them I have seen some realistic great movies, but its very few compared to the whole.

Women as Sex Objects

In most of these movies, something very common is that, they have been using Women as Sex objects. They are trying to attract the audience by exposing the sex objectives of men and women. This is what you call manipulation. The movie itself executes so many incidents where the Woman is being used as sex  objects, zooming in their private areas as they move and shake during a dance scenery in the movie and so on and so forth.

The Manipulation

Yes this manipulation for attracting people is a good tactic but no one sees the serious damage they are doing to the society. You see people in these third world countries are fighting with poverty, less educated, so many serious social problems, then they also somehow likes to go watch a movie once in a while. And when they do all they get to see is this manipulation, seeing a woman as a sex object where they could use for anything as they wish. In each and every one of those movies, they highlight on so many inappropriate physical things the main actor does to the actress, checking out their private parts, touching them inappropriately, tapping her back area and so on, hope you have brains to realize those moments (if you don’t you were being successfully manipulated). And worst of all the people in the background of the scenery of the movie are all cheering for that. (SERIOUSLY WTF ?) So the crowd who are also watching starts cheering with the manipulation, thinking that its a good thing to do those things to any woman even in public even without her asking.

A Fantasy World

These manipulations creates a fantasy world in the minds of the viewer, where they could do whatever they want to any woman in public, they are existing to be used as in these movies,  everyone will accept those actions in public and cheer for it. Because you see the main Actor, is someone supposedly very famous and rich person, and the audience must surely be fans of him, and some might be having him as their role models, heroes and so on, which is the typical mindset of 3rd world country people. And because of this whatever the main actor does, they shall be cheering for that and accept it as right. Because for gods sake it is interpreted visually and audibly, so the perfect creation of the fantasy world in the audience’s mind. When it comes to teenagers, this is even worst, the less life experienced nubile young minds, being shown such a fantasy which doesn’t even exist in reality.

Yes, keep on reading you may see the results of this so called fantasy world…

The Actual results of this

The problem is, What they see from those movies is what they expect to experience in real life too. Because this manipulation it radically changes the mindset of the general population, especially those less educated, poor desperate citizens. This manipulations sends subconscious messages to the brain telling that, “this is what you should do in public, this is totally ok to do so as you can see even in the movie people are cheering for that, so you can do this to any woman in public and everyone will cheer for that…” ! Yes I know this may sound totally bogus for you but, its true psychologically, because these people are being visually, socially and ideologically manipulated through these kinds of sceneries in the movies, and moreover they are less educated, both socially and mentally, therefore it sends a permanent message to the brain “this is what you should expect in real life too.. this is what you should do..” and so on.

People would seek that in Reality..

This is why we seeing so many socially and culturally sickening incidents in daily life, because those manipulated people are seeking for them in reality. The rapeing, sex desperation, and so many other issues arises because of this. The innocent women in the general society faces the output of this serious situation.

Something Funny..

The funny thing is that, at the end of the day those producers, and actresses will be spending their lives in Luxury Villas spending shit load of money from those movies, but its our own poor mothers, sisters and daughters who will be having to go through this pathetic tragedy every single day in the society. Even though these actresses themselves they raise voices against these misbehaving of men and rapists, what they don’t realize is that they were the root cause for this situation even partially.

Why wouldn’t they Stand up for Root cause..

I think these Actresses should stand themselves, if the really wanna change this situation, by standing for themselves and rejecting when they are asked to perform such actions in movies. I think that would be the best way to raise their voice against this situation. But bottom line I don’t think that would be possible, because people would do anything for the Money as its has become the most important possession in today’s life. But I have seen a few Actresses and Actors who has stood up for this situation and refused when they were asked to perform such actions in movies. And I personally present my respect for them.  Sadly for the most part what we see is that some Actress protesting in public against rapists and inappropriate behaviors of men using women as sex objects, then the next day they would go act in some movie performing those inappropriate fantasy actions in a movie to be used as sex objects for money. SIGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Media defines our lives.. like it or not..

Media defines our lives like it or not, which is the bitter truth. The redefine our Culture, Society, beliefs and Actions through manipulation. Yes that is inevitable, because we humans possess brains which can be easily manipulated with the power of media with Visual and Auditory messages which would directly go through the subconscious and affect our real life.

Prevention is better than Cure..

There is a saying in Science “Prevention is better than Cure”. We are already facing the worst results of this scenario in today’s world. Open up a newspaper, how many rape incidents do you see ? how many inappropriate incidents ?   how many female physical torture incidents d o you see ? the list goes on and on…

This must be stopped ! from the ROOT CAUSE ITSELF ! which wouldn’t happen unless we as individuals take any actions against it. 🙂

Lets hope for a better future where women are treated and honored the best they deserve without these pathetic media manipulations.

You are so shy ! such a useless kid ! You should be ashamed of yourself !

This is something I have heard through out my entire childhood, from all my cousins, neighbors, and parents friends,

“Why are you so shy ! such a useless kid ! You should be ashamed of yourself !”

I was an extremely shy, cornered, hideous and anti-social child when i was a kid, which I hated the most. Every single time whenever anyone saw me, or whenever I was in front of them, they used to call me that.

In my small days I didn’t get the actual sense of it, and later only when I was growing up I realized, people weren’t saying it for the sweetness, or just for the sake of it, they were actually rubbing it in your face with sarcasm and pity.

It was sickening ! Turned out, I got so fucking mad whenever anyone said that to my face. I was dragged down, kicked down, and my whole personality was ruined. But still I had no idea how to get rid of this, or what this actual shyness they were talking about. I used to be mommy’s little boy, who would always sit next to her, walk around with her wherever she goes, looking down, not talking to anyone or looking at anyone face to face, stand behind her hiding behind her back, whenever we were out in public. I never realized it because no one had ever told me, what it is actually that I was going through, or even how to get rid of. Everyone was just laughing and were making fun of me where every single time I went to my mom and hid my self behind her skirt.

Then later when I became a teenager, it came to a point that, I got so fucking sick of it and I was so desperately and madly looking for a solution. Then somehow it occurred to me, what was actually wrong with me, so I started to change my self. It wasn’t so easy though, but I made it through somehow. And now today, I am glad to be one of the standing out kids in our whole family and among all the bloody cousins who used to rub that shit in my face.

I really wish people had told me what was wrong with me and what I should have done to get rid of it. May be those people were just making fun of it and enjoying their pathetic moments, or thinking that I’m still a dumb kid who wouldn’t understand and no point of telling him, or may be there were too high in their heads that they weren’t bothered to give that kid some advice !

PLEASE, DON’T DO THAT ! You are destroying another kid’s mentality, personality and possibly the potentiality of a great future ! Trust me, if you ever see such a kid and actually give them a valuable advice, saying that this is something he or she needs to get rid of, trust me, someday when that kid grows up, You will be one of their childhood heroes.

Whenever I see any kid who is like as when I was a kid, I always give them some straight advice rather than laughing at them. Tell them,

Kid, you should not be like this.. you should be out standing, speaking out, hanging out with the crowd open up your self, get rid of this stupid shyness. Trust me, you will become a lot popular than you are right now if you could do that.. Just give it a simple try, and never be scared ! because nothing is impossible if you have the will.

Encourage them, show them that nothing is impossible, let them shine themselves, rather than beating them up mentally. Because you know why, I personally believe we all Humans are born to be Awesome ! In our own Nature ! We are the creatures of awesomeness to achieve greatness and shine ! 🙂

Peace folks !

Bruce Lee – The Legend

Don’t get set into one form, adapt it and build your own, and let it grow, be like water…
Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless – like water. Now you put water in a cup, it becomes the cup; You put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle; You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend !

– Bruce Lee.

A man who achieved the impossibility, redefined the reality, A man who changed a whole vision of the world. Indeed one of my heroes and one of my greatest inspirations ever since I was a kid. Check this out,  an Awesome Video of Bruce Lee,

Do you enjoy seeing them Caged ? Are you Human ?

So couple of weeks back, my friends were talking about going for an outing, I was kid-of interested, not so completely though, honestly because I’m going through a lil financially broke and being-stuck-with-studies-and-work time period. When I heard where they were planning to go, I was like WTF ? Its the Dehiwala Zoo ! (-___-)

I’m not much of a Zoo person, but it got me thinking, how could someone enjoying seeing those helpless animals being caged ? I love nature, I love animals, though I’m not a wanna be humanitarian maniac. I see 1000s of people going to the zoo and watch those animals who are being caged. But I have a question ? are you fucking enjoying that ?

Now picture this, Imagine yourself being caged, yes YOU ! in a friggin’ cage in a ZOO ! :\
Haha 😀 How fun would that be eh ? now picture in the same scenario that all the other animals in the world comes to the zoo to watch you and enjoy them selves, when you being caged and treated like shit in a garbage dump ! haha 😀 Yeah sucker, thats exactly how those poor animals feels !

These animals are not suppose to be in cages, they are born free, born to be in their own habitats, their own homes and forests ! So why do you people have to keep them cages and treat them like crap in a garbage environment. Yeah hold your thoughts, I know what you are going to say, they are preserving them, they are taking care of them… blah blah ! fucking bull shit ! We all know for real the so called caring and facilities at Dehiwala Zoo in Sri Lanka, I still recall how it was when I went there when I was 14 years old ! 😦 So you tell me this, yes they might be preserving those animals who in the verge of extinction, BUT, is that how they deserve to be cared ? Caged in a small space ? a cage filled with rotten food and garbage ? YEAH TALK ABOUT IT !

The funny thing is, not even the elder parents understands this, more over they take their children to the zoo and show them how those poor animals are being suffocated ! Wow ! Great ! The Humanity ! 🙂
Something to think of…. 🙂

Again I’m not an animal or humanitarian activist, as you may know a Confuzed SourceCode trying to express his thoughts ! 😀