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Welcome to APIIT Knowledge Share !

Welcome to APIIT Knowledge Share !

The ultimate collaborative Educational Knowledge and Experience Sharing platform for APIITians ! 🙂 

We believe, that Knowledge is meant to be Shared, Evolved and Nurtured ! The more you share, the more you gain, the more you connect, the more we success in extreme speeds ! Its more productive and efficient to achieve success together as a community rather than trying to win a rat race where no one will achieve the perfection.

Its a well known fact that once we are done with a semester, we leave all that knowledge and experience behind us, and move on to the next… and then the next batch also goes through the same waste of time. Instead of that, why don’t we share our knowledge and experiences with everyone, specially the next set of juniors and among everyone else ? Share and Collaborate with each other, which will lead us to achieve much more greater success with less effort and waste of time.

Therefore why don’t we share the knowledge and experiences we have already gained ? What if, we could share our Knowledge and Experiences with everyone else ? That way they could gain that knowledge with ease and achieve much better than we used to as they could use their time discovering new knowledge and experiences. Likewise imagine the same process being carried over one semester to another. This way we could let them achieve in their assignments and exams much better than we did. 

At APIIT Knowledge Share we facilitate you, to Share your Educational Knowledge and Experiences, Collaborate and Connect with others, Gain Knowledge and Information with ease, by providing an ultimate collaborative platform.Are you looking for Knowledge resources or Educational Resources for your Studies and Assignments ? or are you looking to share Resources which you have used for your Modules, Exams and Assignments with everyone, so that you can help Juniors to learn and achieve their studies much better ? Then this is the place for you, APIITian !

It is time for a change, a change of the whole game,
Share your Knowledge ! Share your Experience ! Let them Nurture ! Let them Evolve ! Help Others !
Ask Questions ! Get Seniors Help ! Collaborate with the Community ! Achieve the Best with your Studies !

At APIIT Knowledge Share, We Welcome you ! 🙂 

If you want to know more about the project’s infrastructure, concept and the philosophy, follow this link, 

You can get an idea of how to add resources and collaborate with each other through this, How to Get started tutorial, 

If you have any Questions, Concerns or any Issues please contact me directly or post your questions here where the Admins will assist you.

Please forward this blog post to your fellow APIITians, Share the Link, Join the Community to achieve Accelerated Success through online collaboration ! Spread the word. 🙂 The Evolution has just begun.

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– Udara Alwis

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