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Do you enjoy seeing them Caged ? Are you Human ?

So couple of weeks back, my friends were talking about going for an outing, I was kid-of interested, not so completely though, honestly because I’m going through a lil financially broke and being-stuck-with-studies-and-work time period. When I heard where they were planning to go, I was like WTF ? Its the Dehiwala Zoo ! (-___-)

I’m not much of a Zoo person, but it got me thinking, how could someone enjoying seeing those helpless animals being caged ? I love nature, I love animals, though I’m not a wanna be humanitarian maniac. I see 1000s of people going to the zoo and watch those animals who are being caged. But I have a question ? are you fucking enjoying that ?

Now picture this, Imagine yourself being caged, yes YOU ! in a friggin’ cage in a ZOO ! :\
Haha 😀 How fun would that be eh ? now picture in the same scenario that all the other animals in the world comes to the zoo to watch you and enjoy them selves, when you being caged and treated like shit in a garbage dump ! haha 😀 Yeah sucker, thats exactly how those poor animals feels !

These animals are not suppose to be in cages, they are born free, born to be in their own habitats, their own homes and forests ! So why do you people have to keep them cages and treat them like crap in a garbage environment. Yeah hold your thoughts, I know what you are going to say, they are preserving them, they are taking care of them… blah blah ! fucking bull shit ! We all know for real the so called caring and facilities at Dehiwala Zoo in Sri Lanka, I still recall how it was when I went there when I was 14 years old ! 😦 So you tell me this, yes they might be preserving those animals who in the verge of extinction, BUT, is that how they deserve to be cared ? Caged in a small space ? a cage filled with rotten food and garbage ? YEAH TALK ABOUT IT !

The funny thing is, not even the elder parents understands this, more over they take their children to the zoo and show them how those poor animals are being suffocated ! Wow ! Great ! The Humanity ! 🙂
Something to think of…. 🙂

Again I’m not an animal or humanitarian activist, as you may know a Confuzed SourceCode trying to express his thoughts ! 😀