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Few words about the ÇøŋfuzëÐ SøurcëÇødë Blogging Style ! ;)

Yes I am a Developer! A Software Engineer by career!

But truth be told, I’m not the typical type of software-engineer-developer-geek ! 😛

I’m a hyper-active, overjoyed, crazy enthusiastic, energized, optimistic human being! 😉

I often go on Adventures, Hiking, Running, Cycling and Basketball, also includes Socializing and talking to People in Public…

I run a lot ! literally like a mad man, and I’m addicted to it. It makes me feel free, refreshed, de-stressed, energized, hyped up, and allows me to push myself beyond the physical limitations. Hence it keeps reminding me that nothing is impossible as long as I keep on pushing myself without giving up.

I enjoy every single moment of my life, seeing the positive perspective of everything that happens around me. And I never regret any decisions I have ever made. I like making others happy and cheering up people around me is something I enjoy a lot. 😀

Yes! obviously I’m always cheered up! 😛 that’s probably the easiest way to recognize me from any crowd lol! 😉

I do a lot of crazy random stuff! 😀

I truly enjoy helping others, teaching others new stuff, I’m not very good at teaching though, but I enjoy engaging in such activities to the fullest.
So basically whenever I’m blogging the same chemical reactions fires up in my brain which is responsible for the above, thereby almost all the time my blog articles ends up being a hyper active conversation lol! 😛

So you may find my blog articles UNPROFESSIONAL most of the time! but I DO NOT CARE! Hence blogging programming articles is something I do for fun and I enjoy it insanely. 😉 And yes this is probably going to be one of the weirdest tech-blogs you have ever seen given my unprofessional-blogging-style! lol 😉
Well I couldn’t care less as long as I share the knowledge across the articles, in a very friendly, easy to understand manner for even a high school kid could understand.

So you got any complains about the ÇøŋfuzëÐ SøurcëÇødë Blogging Style? Don’t bother complaining! 😀 As ÇøŋfuzëÐ SøurcëÇødë wouldn’t ever care! 😛


Stay Awesome fellas! 😀

Easily add Code Snippets to your Free WordPress blog’s posts

Sometime back when I was writing a blog post, I suddenly got the need to add some Code Snippets to my blog post and I wanted to give it the real ‘code look’ which you get in IDEs. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything within the WordPress settings. So as usual I praised google,  but I couldn’t find anything properly related to the ‘free’ version of the WordPress blogs. But somehow after going through so many websites and forums, I finally found a better solution. So here it is,

Its pretty much easy to use this and specially your code looks really nice and there’s a lot customizations you could do using this tool. Lemme show you how,

Step 1 – Copy and Paste your Code to
Step 2 – Select Programming Language and Style. You could even edit the CSS as you wish.. 😀


 Step 3 – Click on Highlight to Generate your Code Preview and HTML snippet…


 Step 4 – Copy the HTML Snippet… ( Ctrl + A & Ctrl + C ) 😛


Step 5 – Paste (Ctrl + V) the HTML Snippet in your Blog post’s Text tab… 😉


Aaand thats it ! You may get a pretty looking code snippet as below… 😉

namespace YourAppNamespace
    public class ClassAwesome
        String GetAwesomeness();


Stay Awesome folks… ^_^ 😀

Why I love WordPress rather than Google Blogspot ! (O_o)

Google is Awesome, and Blogspot is one of their services which is not-so-awesome ! My very first blog was on Blogspot couple of months back, and the next thing I know I didn’t even feel like tying another single word in it. The way I see it, well may be my personal thought, I hate that Text Editor. (-____-) Yeah ! You heard me !
I love the text editor they have in WordPress, this nice and neat interface, I would suggest wordpress to anyone with no second thoughts ! 🙂 In that case, you might call me a n00b ! Hellooooo ! Obviously, what did you expect you fool ? I am a n00b for blogging ! 😀

Anwyays the point being, this was just my idea, think about it how many people would be out there just like me who left Blogspot because of their not-so-good text editor ! I think google, specially Blogspot developer team should look into it ! 🙂 would help them crunch some new numbers agains WordPress. Anyways WordPress I Love you (^_^) , Blogspot, I dislike you ! (-_____-)