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Why I love WordPress rather than Google Blogspot ! (O_o)

Google is Awesome, and Blogspot is one of their services which is not-so-awesome ! My very first blog was on Blogspot couple of months back, and the next thing I know I didn’t even feel like tying another single word in it. The way I see it, well may be my personal thought, I hate that Text Editor. (-____-) Yeah ! You heard me !
I love the text editor they have in WordPress, this nice and neat interface, I would suggest wordpress to anyone with no second thoughts ! 🙂 In that case, you might call me a n00b ! Hellooooo ! Obviously, what did you expect you fool ? I am a n00b for blogging ! 😀

Anwyays the point being, this was just my idea, think about it how many people would be out there just like me who left Blogspot because of their not-so-good text editor ! I think google, specially Blogspot developer team should look into it ! 🙂 would help them crunch some new numbers agains WordPress. Anyways WordPress I Love you (^_^) , Blogspot, I dislike you ! (-_____-)