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Coming Soon… And it is gonna blow your Mind… I Was There Map !

This is what happens to people like us when we are bored.. -_- specifically for me, I was dead bored at home waiting till my big corporate job started right after finishing my degree ! 😛 Therefore just to kill the boredom I thought of, wouldn’t it be cool if there was a way to see all the places that i have checked in so far on facebook ! Of course you can on facebook, but its  a little complicated and not that interactive in my own perception. More over there is no proper way of viewing them according to different needs, just a one static way of viewing them in a bing map. Thats why I thought of coming up with a pretty fun web application.

Anyhow here its is,

I Was There Map
– View all the Places You have been to and Amazing Tidbits……

Coming soon folks.. Stay Tuned with Confuzed SourceCode ! 😉

I Was There Map

I Was There Map

Coming Soon………………………. 🙂

‘Your Friends Map’ is Ready for YOU ! ;)

Welcome to the ‘Your Friends Map‘ – View all Your Facebook Friends Locations and Hometowns on the World Map…

This is an awesome concept I have been dreaming and developing since couple of weeks back now and on the way I have given you guys a heads up and released a beta version where I shared among couple of my friends. But now its time to release the final version where I have fully implemented all the awesome features and functionality.

Using ‘Your Friends Map’ you can view all your Facebook friends locations and hometowns in the world map. And it shows you a full list of all the locations and hometowns of your friends separately along with the number of friends in each location.

Below are some of the awesome features ‘Your Friends Map’ brings you…

  • Show Friends Locations on World Map
  • Show Friends Hometowns on World Map
  • Show Locations and the Available Friends of those Locations in your Profile
  • Show Interesting Statistics about Your Friends and their Locations
  • Friends near Your own Location
  • Friends to Visit when you visit your Hometown
  • Share Your own ‘Your Friends Map’ among your Friends
  • and so on…


You can easily zoom into any Area of the World map and view all your friends whoever is there in that location..


How to ?

Simply click on ‘Log in with Facebook’ and it may ask you to allow the application to use your location and your friends locations information, once you allow it, you are good to go… 🙂 Please be noted the application would not be acquiring any of your personal information or e-mail or either log in information, and I personally guarantee that, where as most of the non-technical users always worry about. lol


And BOOM ! You are good to go… 🙂


You can easily click on ‘Show Your Friends Locations’ or ‘Show Your Friends Hometowns’ to view your friends locations and hometowns separately on the world map.

You can also Your Friends in each and Every Location in a List according to the number of friends in those locations, Just scroll down dude ! 😉


I said to scroll down…… 😉


We also brings you interesting fun facts about Your Friends and their Locations also how they are related to you, such as Who hasn’t shared their Locations or Hometowns and How are closest to you right now, and Whom you can visit when you visit your Hometown and so on…


Behold the Nerdy Numbers – Interesting Statistics about You and Your Friends Locations…


Not only that You can share your own custom Friends Map among all your Friends across social networks… 😀 There others can view your Friends Map. And one final thing, please don’t forget to like us and share the word about ‘Your Friends Map‘ ! 🙂


So that is a short description about  ‘Your Friends Map‘ ! You can view the whole Help Tutorial through this link, http://yourfriendsmap.confuzed-sourcecode.com/Help.aspx

Finally I warmly Welcome you to,

 ‘Your Friends Map

View all Your Facebook Friends Locations and Hometowns on the World Map…

Always execute awesomeness ! 😉 Thank you.

ÇøŋfuzëÐ SøurcëÇødë
(Udara Abhilash Alwis).

Coming Soon… Your Friends Map V 1.0

I was really bored working on my Final Year Project presentation last few days… Going through a presentation even after that whole suffocation of project submission. SIGH ! Well I love doing presentation, but knowing all the marks depends on it, sorta sucks ! (-__-)

Anyhow here is something I have been working for the last couple of weeks.. 🙂 outta my boredom of working on the presentation. lol 😀

Your Friends Map
View all Your Facebook Friends Locations and Hometowns on the World Map…

Come soon folks.. Stay Tuned with Confuzed SourceCode ! 😉

Your Friends Map V 1.0

Some More Cool Stuff… This is Big Data Representations baby… Hold Tight ! 😉





Stay Tuned…………………….. 😉

Oki guys, the Beta is being released, check it out right now ! 🙂