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Winning a Special Award at ICTA e-Swabhimani Competition 2014

Oh yeah ! xD One of the most awesome moments in my entire life was when they announced… 😀

“ICTA e-Swabhimani competition’s e-Entertainment and Games section SPECIAL AWARD goes to Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons project by Udara Alwis ! “

OMG ! 😀 that moment of unexpectancy, thinking that I would have no chance among the big companies I competed with during the competition…


WOHOOOOOOOOO ! 😀 Thank you very much Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) and yes it was truly a wonderful event ! 😀

And this was me presenting on my project ‘Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons‘ in front of all the judges and competing Corporate giants… as a Finalist at ICTA e-Swabhimani Competition 2014 ! 😀

Link to Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons project –



You can Check out the Official Fan page of the Project here –



Some Moments to Share…

Receiving the Special Award at ICTA e-Swabhimani all island competition for my Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons project ! 🙂



That moment when you make your own Mother proud… :’)  !  Oh yeah so much of Amma points 😛


Among the Winners at ICTA e-Swabhimani all island Competition… 🙂


Sometimes you just gotta believe in yourself and follow your Dreams by yourself… despite of what everyone else tells you…
And someday you will end up there among the giants… 😉



Some Blog posts regarding my project, Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons,

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My Windows 8 Store App Development Projects

I have jump started App development for Windows 8 Store since couple of months back now, whereas I kept on getting more and more addicted to it as a hobby. So I thought of sharing some of the Applications I have developed and published so far.

Click on each heading or the screenshot, to view them in Microsoft Store ! 🙂

Sri Lankan Photography

The first Centralized portal for showcasing all the Sri Lankan Photography published on Facebook.

Xtream Youth Sri Lanka

We simply bring all the Xtream Youth content that are published across their facebook page to one place and let you access them in a very easy to use, friendly, interactive way. We bring an ultimate experience of viewing Xtream Youth content right in front of your finger tips. Stunning visuals, interactive user experience blended together along with a faster and easier access and look up.

Sri Lankan Eventography

A Centralized Portal for Event Photography in Sri Lanka. We simply bring all the event management and photography pages to one place and let you access them in a very easy to use, friendly, interactive way


The Centralized Portal for viewing and showcasing Talented Artists and Art Drawings published across Facebook pages.

Tomorrowland Music Festival

So are you a fan of Tomorrowland ? or an Enthusiast like ourselves who enjoys that sensation of being a part of that amazing long experience, then this is the App for you ! We simply bring you an ultimate experience of viewing content and staying up to date of Tomorrowland Music Festival that are published across facebook…

Lanka Higher Educational Institutes

A Centralized Portal for viewing and showcasing Sri Lanka Higher Educational Institutes and their Information.

Grumpy Cat Meme Reader

Who doesn’t love the Grumpy Cat ! 😀 Now you can view all the Grumpy Cat Memes published across Facebook fan pages in one central place, with simple and easy to use access along with interactive and stunning visual experience thanks to “Grumpy Cat Meme Reader”.


Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons

A centralized portal for showcasing and viewing all Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons published across the web in a very easy to use way right from your finger tips. How we do this ? We have hosted cloud servers that crawls throughout the web searching for Newspaper Cartoons using our unique Web Crawling technologies and algorithms, where we will capture them and present to you by streaming from those servers.

Sri Lankan Models

Are you a Professional Photographer ? or an Amateur ? Producer ? Director ? Cinematographer ? or anyone who seeks for Models Photography ? Tired of going through search engines, blogs, photography sites looking for models or may be to study them ? wasting hours in your life ? Here we have a Solution for you, A centralized portal for viewing all the models photography. View all the models images in a one place, with all the latest images available online.

Sri Lankan Meme Reader

Sri Lankan Meme Reader, a simple attempt to bring all your favorite and popular SL memes to a one place. This app allows you to view all the SL memes which were posted on facebook daily through some of the top Sri Lankan Meme fan pages.
SL Meme Reader has the capability of fetching all the latest Memes available. Whenever a new meme has been posted to facebook, you can instantly view them through this app.

Cody Harvard Referencing Assistant

Easily and Quickly reference your websites with less time consumption according to Harvard Referencing Practices.

LED Xtream

LED Banner Display for Windows 8 Tables and PCs. Developed by Udara Alwis and Nisal ‘Cheezy’ !

Sri Lanka Newspaper Cartoons Gallery Web Launch…

So I hope you guys might have heard or remember “Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons” App which i released sometime back for Windows Phone ? which was the first and only Sri Lankan App for Viewing and Showcasing Newspaper Cartoons published across web. Well if you have no idea what the heck it is, you can check it out here 🙂

So recently, I have taken it to a next level by releasing a Web Interface, using the same back end and porting it to the web as an Experiment.. 🙂
So here it is,

Sri Lanka Newspaper Cartoons – The Ultimate Centralized portal for Sri Lanka Newspaper Cartoons Entertainment