You are so shy ! such a useless kid ! You should be ashamed of yourself !

This is something I have heard through out my entire childhood, from all my cousins, neighbors, and parents friends,

“Why are you so shy ! such a useless kid ! You should be ashamed of yourself !”

I was an extremely shy, cornered, hideous and anti-social child when i was a kid, which I hated the most. Every single time whenever anyone saw me, or whenever I was in front of them, they used to call me that.

In my small days I didn’t get the actual sense of it, and later only when I was growing up I realized, people weren’t saying it for the sweetness, or just for the sake of it, they were actually rubbing it in your face with sarcasm and pity.

It was sickening ! Turned out, I got so fucking mad whenever anyone said that to my face. I was dragged down, kicked down, and my whole personality was ruined. But still I had no idea how to get rid of this, or what this actual shyness they were talking about. I used to be mommy’s little boy, who would always sit next to her, walk around with her wherever she goes, looking down, not talking to anyone or looking at anyone face to face, stand behind her hiding behind her back, whenever we were out in public. I never realized it because no one had ever told me, what it is actually that I was going through, or even how to get rid of. Everyone was just laughing and were making fun of me where every single time I went to my mom and hid my self behind her skirt.

Then later when I became a teenager, it came to a point that, I got so fucking sick of it and I was so desperately and madly looking for a solution. Then somehow it occurred to me, what was actually wrong with me, so I started to change my self. It wasn’t so easy though, but I made it through somehow. And now today, I am glad to be one of the standing out kids in our whole family and among all the bloody cousins who used to rub that shit in my face.

I really wish people had told me what was wrong with me and what I should have done to get rid of it. May be those people were just making fun of it and enjoying their pathetic moments, or thinking that I’m still a dumb kid who wouldn’t understand and no point of telling him, or may be there were too high in their heads that they weren’t bothered to give that kid some advice !

PLEASE, DON’T DO THAT ! You are destroying another kid’s mentality, personality and possibly the potentiality of a great future ! Trust me, if you ever see such a kid and actually give them a valuable advice, saying that this is something he or she needs to get rid of, trust me, someday when that kid grows up, You will be one of their childhood heroes.

Whenever I see any kid who is like as when I was a kid, I always give them some straight advice rather than laughing at them. Tell them,

Kid, you should not be like this.. you should be out standing, speaking out, hanging out with the crowd open up your self, get rid of this stupid shyness. Trust me, you will become a lot popular than you are right now if you could do that.. Just give it a simple try, and never be scared ! because nothing is impossible if you have the will.

Encourage them, show them that nothing is impossible, let them shine themselves, rather than beating them up mentally. Because you know why, I personally believe we all Humans are born to be Awesome ! In our own Nature ! We are the creatures of awesomeness to achieve greatness and shine ! 🙂

Peace folks !


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