‘I Was There Map’ is Ready to blow your Mind !

Welcome to ‘I Was There Map‘ – The Places You have been to and Amazing Tidbits…

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WARNING – Beware ! Your Mind would be blown !

One day I was laying on my bed thinking about all the places that I have visited so far in my entire life, but unfortunately I couldn’t remember half of it and even the time periods… 😦 But suddenly, it hit me Oh yes ! I have been putting Facebook Check-ins for most of those places I have visited so far. Then at the same I was thinking, but its not possible to view all the places I have visited and put up Facebook check-ins, right from my profile ! 😦  There isn’t any way in Facebook to check all the check-ins you have put up, but you can do that by manually going through your Timeline, which would take hours to do so.

And that got me thinking, I’m sure there must be loads of people out there who would be worrying about the same thing I’m thinking right now, and I thought of coming up with a solution for this. Then BOOM ! as an innovative Software Engineer I thought of developing an application… 😉

So this is an Awesome concept I came up with, being able to view all your past check-ins on Facebook and when I kept on working on it, I saw these pretty interesting statistical connection between those places that I have visited and checked-ins. When I viewed all my past check-ins there were some amazing connections and information that were building around it. So I gathered around all those statistical information connections that I found out and blended them together by developing my own algorithms to populate those information. I have been working on it for about couple of weeks and finally its time to release it after testing it out with few of my friends. 😉

I Was There Map, allows you to view all the places you have visited and your Facebook Check-ins. You can view all the amazing information statistics you have never known about those places and your check-ins. You will be shown all the interesting information about You and those check-ins like no other.

So here are some of the amazing features we bring you from ‘I Was There Map’ –

  • View all the Places you have visited
  • View all the Places Checked-ins you have put on Facebook
  • View all the Places you have visited so far in a World Map
  • View the most Popular Top places among the places you have visited so far
  • View Amazing information about You and the places you have been
  • View Interesting connections between You and your Facebook check-ins
  • See the places you have been to, clustered different facts
  • How much distance you have Traveled and how much Time you have spent so far
  • The Country, State, and the City which you have visited the most
  • The Place you have traveled the most Distance from your current Location
  • The Place you have spent most Time travelling from your current Location
  • All your places and the Time you have spent and the distances you have traveled
  • View the directions from your current location for the places you have visited
  • Your First Check-in and and your Last Check-in on Facebook
  • The Timeline of the Places you have visited
  • The Month you have traveled the most and put up most of the Check-ins
  • Share Your Map with Friends And So on…

The above is just a piece of the cake, and Imagine all of those above and many more amazing facts about the places you have visited and your self… 😉 BOOM !


You can easily zoom in or zoom out in for any area in the map and view the Places you have Visited and their interesting information..

I Was There Map

So how can You try this Awesomeness ?

First of all go to ‘I Was There Map’, and simply click on, ‘Log in with Facebook’, where it may ask you to allow the application to use your Check-ins, Current Location and some basic information about your self, once you allow it, you are good to go… 😀
Please be noted the application would not be acquiring any of your personal information or e-mail or either log in information, and I personally guarantee that, where as most of the non-technical users always worry about. lol ! Please don’t come ask me whether it would steal your password and bullshit, I will punch you in your stupid **cking face for your lack of common sense !


Click on the ‘Log in with Facebook’ and then it will ask for your permission..


Click ‘Okay’ and allow the access to the application, where it will only acquire only the above information, but do not click ‘Cancel’ which will not let you use this application or it will cause for any malfunction. So after that, BOOM ! You are good to go ! 😉

After that you will be redirected back to ‘I Was There Map’ automatically..


Now to being with with, Simply click on ‘Start – Show Me Where I Was‘, there it will let you view the places you have visited and the amazing information facts you have never known on the world map…


You can Zoom in or out for any area of the map click on any of those locations marked on the map and view interesting facts about that place or even view that Place on Facebook… 😉

I Was There Map

Wait dont hold on there, keep on scrolling down… 😉
Surprises awaiting to blow your mind !

Would you like to see all the places you have visited so far ? Of course you would ! Therefore we will show you all the Places you have visited so far which you have put in Check-ins, and we have ordered them according the number of visits for each and every one of them.. Capture6

Among those places you have visited, Have you ever wondered What were the most Popular, most famous Top Places you have ever visited ? Oh don’t worry, We will show you, through this epic journey 😉 ! Just keep on Scrolling…

WOAH !!! Hold on! behold people, the Numbers – prepare to be taken on a journey of mind blowing amazing statistical information about the Places you have been to and your self.. 😉 We will show you how many Places you have visited, how many Facebook Check-ins you have updated, how far you have traveled by visiting those places, how much time you have spent and many more…. 😀Capture8


We will also show the Places you have visited, clustered by several aspects according to the information on Facebook…Capture9

Have you ever thought of What kind of Places you have visited so far ? or may be how many times you have visited a certain type of a place ? Well well do not worry child ! We told you this is gonna blow your Mind ! 😉
Welcome to Categories Cloud ! So here we will show your visited places according to the each Category they belong to.. 🙂 So now you can view the type of places you have visited so far ! 😉Capture10

Do you remember the Place that you have visited, which you have traveled the longest distance ever ? Well nothing worry, We will bring back those memories…
We will also show you the Place that you have spent most time on travelling !
Oh yeah ! How cool is that eh ! 😉Capture12

Keep on Scrolling, its not over yet… 😀

We will then show you, the Places you have visited according to the each Distance traveled for each Location and also according to the Time you spent travelling right after that ! 😉Capture13

Here is something even more interesting, we bring you the Top 5 Places that you have traveled the most Distance and Time spent on travelling so far…
I know what you are thinking, more Amazing Tidbits indeed ! 😉Capture14

Do you remember those long road trips you took while visiting places do far away from home ? Do you still remember those directions ? or did your friend who lives nearby asked you for directions to that particular place you have visited ?
Well well don’t worry folks, We will give you all the directions you need ! 😉 Just simply select your place and we shall give you the specific directions in a map !Capture15

Oh yeah that’s right ! We shall give you directions to the places you have been to, step by step for the shortest directions ! As shown below we’ll show the directions on a separate world map and also right beneath that we’ll give you step by step turns and directions throughout till the destination… 😀Capture15_1

Remember since beginning we told you that we would blow your mind ? 😉 We present to you, the Timeline ! Where We will take you on an amazing journey through your life timeline and the places you have been to along with the amazing tidbits you have never known.. 😉

Remember your first check-in on Facebook ? Probably no ! 😛 But don’t worry, We got it..Capture16

Have you ever thought how many places you have visited so far, year by year since your very first check-in on Facebook ?  Yes we have the answer for that.. Simply keep on scrolling for more surprises ! 😀Capture17

Now you can see which year you have visited most places and put up check-ins on Facebook !
Not only that son, the Month which you have visited most number of places, yes we will show you that also… Oh well now you know the month that you were out of your home most of the time ! *fingers crossed* !
Another feature that we bring you through Timeline is, all the places you have visited at according to the month and yearCapture18

So where was your last check-in on Facebook ? Doesn’t matter whether you remember or not, We will show you ! 😉 Because your every single checkin matters… 🙂Capture19

Finally You can Share your own ‘I Was There Map’ among all your Friends across social networks… 😀 There your friends can view your Friends Map.Capture20

Already mind blown ha ? 😉 Well we told you since beginning ! But this is just a small description about this whole pack of awesomeness !

And one final thing, please don’t forget to Like Us and share this Awesomeness, ‘I Was There Map‘ with your Friends ! 🙂

So that is a short description about the revolutionary,  ‘I Was There Map‘  ! You can view the whole Help Tutorial through this link –

Finally I warmly Welcome you to,

I Was There Map

The Places You have been to and Amazing Tidbits…

Connect with Us from our Official Facebook App Page –

Always execute awesomeness ! 😉

Thank you.
ÇøŋfuzëÐ SøurcëÇødë
(Udara Abhilash Alwis).



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