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So I just bought a new Sony Xperia Z3 Compact from Sri Lanka

After almost 3 years of awesomeness with my Nokia Lumia 820, it had come to a point that I needed to buy a new smartphone. 😀 I really enjoyed my time with Lumia 820, but to be honest since last year I was kind of getting bored of it. And its started having a few hardware issues, such as random network disconnecting, and the camera photos were getting blurred and so on. 😦 So it was high time to switch after almost 3 years… 😀

Love at First Sight… 😉

This time I went for Sony, which had been my favorite Smartphone brand since long time back. I always loved their amazing design, build quality and specially awesome features. 😉 I was never a fan of enormous screen sized smartphones, which in my opinion completely ruins the definition of a mobile phone. So I was looking for a small screen sized phone, and fortunately I found out about Sony Xperia Z3 Compact which is the compact model of Xperia Z3 ! 😀
I literally fell in love with this phone since the first sight of it. So I did some in depth research about this phone before deciding I was gonna buy it.

Phobia of Precautions… 😦

And very disappointingly some users of Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact models has complained about some ‘Self cracking screen issue‘ which got me very skeptical. I went through so many user forums, Sony forums, XDA forums regarding this issue and there were complains from a lot of people and they were saying that Sony doesn’t cover this in warranty, but however in some News report Sony had agreed that there was some defected stock has been released by accident. But all in all I somehow decided to buy this phone, as there were a lot more users who had reported saying they weren’t having such an issue, which was bit of a relief.

Final decision was taken… 😀

So I straightened up my mind, wishing for the best, I decided to buy this awesome smartphone, Sony Xperia Z3 Compact … 😉


 Deciding on a Mobile Phone Shop to buy in Sri Lanka…

So when I stepped outside the house to buy this phone, I decided to buy this from a well known reputed mobile phone shop, rather than going for the lowest price from a small shop, specially because of the above ‘Self cracking screen issue‘ that some Xperia Z3C users were having. By the time I was looking for this phone it cost around Rs. 57,000 – Rs. 59,000 so obviously not much of a difference whether you buy from a small shop or a bigger shop. After visiting a few popular shops around Colombo I found out that none of the shops in Sri Lanka would cover such an issue (Self cracking screen issue) with the warranty, everyone was saying if we are able to prove that it’s a manufacturer fault, only then they would repair it. So I realized there’s no point of worrying about the warranty as every single shop here offers the same crappy warranty, I somehow bought it from Dialcom in Sri Lanka for Rs. 59,900 after a few of my friends’ recommendation. (which actually drained over half of my bank account 😛 )

So here it is, the thing of Beauty and Awesomeness…


From the moment of unpacking it, it was a thing of wonder… 😉

WP_20150510_16_14_30_Pro WP_20150509_19_28_02_Pro WP_20150510_16_14_46_Pro




Such a beautiful slim and light design… with uncompromised performance.. 😀



WP_20150510_16_16_39_Pro WP_20150510_16_17_32_Pro WP_20150510_16_18_11_Pro

From the moment you unlock that screen, is like entering into a whole new world of beauty.. 😀 the screen, is epical indeed with its TRILUMINOS Display and X-Reality Engine, which truly brings an amazing display…


What’s in the Box… :O

Now this is what you get with the whole box…


WP_20150510_16_20_02_Pro WP_20150510_16_19_24_Pro

I never expected such a high quality headset with the phone.. 🙂 oh well, Thank you Sony ! Except for that it’s just the charger and the USB cable you get in the box.


It was a truly surprise with the performance in such a compact device, Quad-core 2.5 GHz Krait 400 Processor and GPU, Adreno 330 seems to be paying up over the expectations…

WP_20150510_16_29_53_Pro WP_20150510_16_30_10_Pro WP_20150510_16_30_20_Pro

In some reviews they had mentioned the sound quality is not that good in this device, but for me with those front dual speakers, it gives an awesome experience for watching movies and videos…

One of the best things about this awesome smartphone is that it fits so perfectly in hand, specially for someone like myself having a comparably small palm.. 😛
It gives a truly premium feel of a mobile device when you hold this in your hand, durable tempered glass panels on front and back sides, along with the round comfortable edges give a real amazing feeling…


A defect or not ? 😦

So I was playing around with the phone for a while, holding it with both hands 😛 , well you know the excitement you get when you first use your new mobile phone, whereas you hold it very carefully worrying every second whether your would drop it… 😉

Anyhow after a while I realized that the Sim Card cover flap kept slowly open, every single time I close the flap it kept on popping open very slowly. The most annoying thing was it slowly pops open after 20 mins every single time I closed it.

Below is a close up picture I took for this issue…

Closing the Sim Card flapWP_20150511_09_20_31_Pro

After 20 Mins… WP_20150511_09_51_14_Pro

Another side-close up of before and after 20 mins…



I was sick worried about this issue, I thought it would get fixed after sometime , but it didn’t. Then also it hit me that when I first opened the box I saw that this same flap had popped out, but I didn’t take it to much consideration as I had just opened the box and it popped out only after 20 mins. I was wondering whether this phone is also one of those defected phones that Sony had release…

Thankfully, it was fixed… 😀

So the next day I took it to Dialcom, they checked it and cleaned the cover flap with some liquid, which surprisingly fixed it. They said that this happens to most of the Xperia models when they are right out of the factory, and it’s not a big issue whereas it only occurs due to some oil liquid being contacted with the flap during the manufacturing.

So keep in mind, if you are buying this phone, when you first open up the box and any of the Sim card or SD card cover flaps are popped out open, then make sure to inform them and get the flaps cleaned up. So that you won’t go through the same burden I went through…

Oh well now it works perfectly… 🙂 Thanks Dialcom for saving me from a heart attack. But I’m still a bit skeptical whereas this is also one from the defected stock Sony has released. Therefore I will keep a careful watch and update this post.


Now that was my entire experience with before and after buying this phone… Yes ! I’m literally in love with this phone, and I gotta tell you this is one of the best smartphones I have ever experienced.

If you are like me, who doesn’t prefer bigass screen phones, then this is definitely the Smartphone you should go for… pretty sure you will not regret it.. 😉