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She said, Cut it Son ! You will feel much Better !

Cut it son ! Believe me you will feel so much better !
Aneee no amma (mom) I can’t ! 😦
OMG ! ok ok fine ! -_-

That was a small conversation I had with my mom often once in a month when i was a kid. Let me get back to that later. Last week I went to get a hair cut as my hair has grown too much and it has started to irritate me ! So I had the hair cut and went home, had a bath and laid on my bed under the ceiling fan. OMG ! Such a feeling 😀 ! lol It felt so much comfortable cutting that long hair, such a comfortable feeling on top of my head, as if the a huge rock I was holding on my head was taken off or something 😛 . This got me thinking…

When I was a kid, mom used to take me to the barber to cut my hair once a month, which was one of the most hated things in my life those days as a kid. It was almost like cutting my head off and mom used to tell the barber to cut my hair so short to the millimeter, so she would be able to get rid of the headache of taking me to the barber sooner. 😛

Every single time she took me to barber we used to have the above Dialog conversation which I have mentioned in the beginning ! xD Back then I never realized what it meant, given the fact that I hated cutting my hair, I thought she was lying just to make me cut it and it was so annoying. Where as there was thought in my head those days, the more you grow your hair the more cool you were back in school among other kids. 😛

But what do you know, now I realize that she was Right ! It does feel much better cut the hair after its been grown. If you think of it scientifically, We live in Sri Lanka a third world country where we get 360 days of burning sun light being situated near the equator, and most of all considering the dusty dirty roads. Not to include the way we travel by buses and walking on those roads under the heavy sunlight its no wonder we sweat and our heads get dirty, as for when it comes to long hair it gets dirty and sweaty easily. It gets so irritating at nights when it starts scratch after going home even if you have a bath, but then worst case what if you don’t get to have a bath ? OMG, disaster ! lol

Therefore its always better to cut the hair and keep it considerably short whenever possible rather than going for a long hair for a long time. Unless you are kid of a millionaire father where you would get transport in front of your feet, staying in the AC rooms whole day, having someone to carry an umbrella behind you, and blah blah… lol

So Thank you mom ! for making me realize ! 😀

lol 😉


PS – Something I wrote being bored at Office ! xD