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Handling Page Transition Animations in Xamarin Android

Alright let’s get straight to point, You want to add some fancy transition animations to your Pages in your Xamarin Android app ? more specifically when the user navigates through the app between the pages, you need to add some nice animations for the page transition ? 😉

I came across this situation and I couldn’t find any articles on it, therefore after solving my issue, I decided to write my own to share my experience.

Yep here’s how you do it in Xamarin Android.. 😉

In Android we could define the type of transition animation that we need to add to our pages, both when we are opening the page and exiting the page, whereas we could pass those defined properties to the page Activity included in the Bundle object. 😀

So that’s what we are going to do.

As you can see below I have created a custom animation for the page MyPageActivity whereas this certain page would use the defined animations when during it’s opening and exiting executions.

We define the animation and include them in a bundle to pass into the StartActivity method, in order to deliver it to the opening Activity.

// Adding the transition animation to the ActivityOptions and include them in a Bundle
Bundle animationBundle = ActivityOptions.MakeCustomAnimation(this, Resource.Animation.abc_fade_in, Resource.Animation.abc_fade_out).ToBundle();

// Pass on the Bundle object to the StartActivity method 
this.StartActivity(new Intent(this, typeof(MyPageActivity)), animationBundle);


Above I have created the animation using the existing default animation types, you could add your own custom animations as you wish just as above, whereas you just have to give the resource ID for the custom animation of your’s. 🙂

Well, hope that was helpful… 🙂

Sorry this was a short post without any screenshots, going through some crazy busy times at office, barely having any time to blog 😦

Cheers! Stay Awesome! 😀