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Animate a CATextLayer in Xamarin iOS

So this is a flash post about animating CATextLayer text color, or in descriptively animating ForegroundColor property of CATextLayer. 🙂 With Xamarin iOS!

Since this is a flash post I’m not going to explain what is CALayers or Core Animations of Xamarin iOS, rather let’s just jump into the code.

Using CABasicAnimation

Here’s the code…

// animate text color with CABasicAnimation
CABasicAnimation myCAbasicAnimation = CABasicAnimation.FromKeyPath("foregroundColor");
myCAbasicAnimation.FillMode = CAFillMode.Forwards;
myCAbasicAnimation.Duration = 1.0f;
myCAbasicAnimation.RemovedOnCompletion = false;

// Add the animation to your CATextLayer
_myCAtextLayer.AddAnimation(myCAbasicAnimation, null);


So we basically set the FromKeyPath value which is the key value string for the property you want to target in your CATextLayer, in this case the “foregroundColor” as in the Text color.

Then we set the SetFrom and SetTo values, respectively the values to be animated in between. 🙂

Then if you want to remove this animation from your CATextLater upon completion, you could set the RemovedOnCompletion property to be true. Finally add the animation to your CATextLater by calling AddAnimation() and pass in the CABasicAnimation we just created. 😀

If you want to repeat and even reverse this animation, or put it in a loop, then use the below properties. 😉

myCAbasicAnimation.AutoReverses = true;
myCAbasicAnimation.RepeatCount = Single.PositiveInfinity;



Using CATransaction

Here’s the code…

// animate text color with CATransaction
// you could set CATransaction values by the key
CATransaction.SetValueForKey(new NSNumber(1.0f), CATransaction.AnimationDurationKey);
// or you could directly use properties AnimationDuration
//CATransaction.AnimationDuration = 1.0f;
_myCAtextLayer.ForegroundColor = UIColor.Purple.CGColor;


This rather is rather good for animating a whole group of layers or animatable properties at the same time as an animation block. CATransactions are explicit where as you begin the modification layer upon Begin() call and finishes up on Commit() call.

That’s it. 😉

I guess in future I would be posting more of these “Flash Posts”, instead of lengthy explanatory articles due to work stuff. 😦 Hope for the best! 😀