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Welcome to the Amazing Vesak Festival app for Windows Phone…

Missing the experience of wonderful Vesak Festival ? Remember all the stunning sceneries, the beautiful views all around Sri Lanka during Vesak Season ?
Well then not to worry, We are introducing..
Vesak Festival app for Windows Phone !
A Visual Journey to the Amazing Vesak Festival…Image

Vesak Festival is the most special and the most sacred religious day for Buddhists all around the world and t is celebrated on the Full moon day of May every year. It is an amazing religious celebration, where as people decorate their homes with colorful lights, lanterns and so on. It is such an eye catching stunning scenery wherever you look during this season especially in Sri Lanka.


Therefore, We thought of sharing this amazing religious festival experience with people all around the world and spread the awareness and the significance of Vesak Festival.


There are so many amazing stunning photography moments that are being captured during this season by various talented photographers. Therefore we thought of bringing those amazing Vesak festival Photography to your palmtop allowing you to experience the wonder of Vesak Festival, the stunning sceneries and the celebration right from your Windows Phone.
We are bringing you all the Sri Lankan Vesak Photography that are being published on Facebook public photography pages, appreciating and showcasing those talented Photographers.
From this app you can view all the Captured latest Vesak Moments and even the old ones. Showcasing these talented Photographers, you can even share those images on any Social Network. Stay up to date with all the latest stunning Vesak Festival moments right from your Phone..


Thanks to this app, you may never miss the amazing experience of Vesak Festival. You can view all those amazing Vesak sceneries and moments captured by Sri Lankan Photographers published across Facebook. Our intelligent servers filters these content and brings you the best experience through those images. You can even view the very Latest Vesak Festival photographs or even the older ones right from this App.

Moreover we are introducing ‘Wide Live Cycle Tiles’, that Cycles stunning Vesak Festival Images lively on your Home Screen. And also if you are fed up with your boring Lockscreens then you can use the Automated Wallpapers using stunning beautiful Vesak Festival Images, whereas these Lockscreens would be automatically changing time to time making your lock screen looks incredibly stunning.

So try out today for free ! 🙂
We Welcome you all Windows Phone users out there !

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Special Features –
– View all the amazing stunning Vesak Festival Photography from Sri Lankan Photographers
– View all the recent Vesak Festival Photography published on Facebook by Sri Lankan Photographers
– Add Wide Live Cycle Tiles, that Cycles stunning Vesak Festival Images live on your Home Screen
– Add and Maintain any amount of Wide Live Cycle Tiles on your Home Screen

– Set Automated Wallpapers using stunning beautiful Vesak Festival Images, whereas these Lockscreens would be automatically changing time to time making your lock screen looks stunning

– Keep your own Favorite Vesak Photography Library
– Play Vesak Festival Photography Slideshow Feature

– Share any Vesak Festival Photography with your Friends or on any Social Media Network..
– Download and Save your favorite Vesak Festival Photography Images to your phone..