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XFHACKS-009 Frame with Border Image!

Ever wanted to have a Xamarin.Forms.Frame with a Border Image? Or have a Border Image around any of your Xamarin.Forms Elements? Welcome to another lightening short post of me hacking around Xamarin.Forms elements!

The Xamarin.Forms.Frame by default only has a boring BorderColor property without even letting you to set the Width of the Border or even set an Image as the Border.

So I thought of making use of my own crazy imagination and hack my way around to get this to work right from Xamarin.Forms itself!

No custom renderers, no platform specific code and no third party libraries! Just by using pure out of the box Xamarin.Forms! 😉

Sneak Peak!

That’s what we gonna be build yol! A Frame with a Border Image property along with the Border Width! 😉


Buckle up fellas, its recipe time! 😉 I’ve been writing quite a few hacks around Xamarin.Forms Frame element, and this recipe is also going to be based on my previous posts, XFHACKS-007 Frame with a Border Width! I would rather recommend you read up on that before continuing here, regardless I would explain the same concept in short here as well. Basically we’re placing a Frame element (child) inside another Frame element (parent) with a Margin value which will create visually a single frame with a Border as our choice of the Margin.

Now keeping that in mind for our Border Image we’re simply going to add Grid into the parent Frame and place an Image in it, while using the IsClippedToBounds=”True” property in both parent Frame and Grid Layout to avoid the Image element rendering itself outside the bounds of the parent Frame. Then on top of that Image inside the same Grid we’re placing our child Frame that I mentioned before with the Margin property that renders the Border aspect of the whole view.

Just like that you get the entire custom element put together which you could use as a single Frame element with a Border Image! 😉


Behold the golden XAML code!

<!--  Frame with Border Image  -->
    <Grid HeightRequest="50" IsClippedToBounds="True">
        <Image Aspect="AspectFill" 
            XFHacks.Resources.abstractbackground1.jpg}" />
                Whatever the content you want to
                place inside the Frame goes in here


There you have the Frame with Border Image in XAML just like I explained earlier. We have the parent Frame with IsClippedToBounds and CornerRadius property, the Grid and the Image with form the Border Image. Notice the Padding=”0″, since we want the Image with the Grid to spread across the parent Frame. You could change the CornerRadius as you wish to control the curved corner of the Frame.

I have given a HeightRequest value to the Grid just to make sure it renders to the exact size I need, or you could even let the whole element freely size itself according to the Element inside the whole custom Frame.  Then on top of that we have the child Frame with the Margin property cropping our the center of the Image element that’s placed under it, thus forming the Border Image as we wanted! 😀

Now let’s put it together and build something awesome! 😀

Fire it up!

Let me showcase the awesomeness of this with something fun!


There you go! 😀 Running side by side Android, iOS and UWP.

Grab it on Github!

Well then, that’s it for now. More awesome stuff on the way!

Cheers! 😀 share the love!