XFHACKS-007 Frame with a Border Width!

Ever wanted to have a Xamarin.Forms.Frame with a Border which you can customize the Border-Width property? Welcome to another lightening short post of me hacking around Xamarin.Forms elements!

The Xamarin.Forms.Frame control is such a nice and useful UI element. One of the nicest features of it is the Border property, that draws a border around the View. But by default Xamarin.Forms doesn’t allow you to customize it, except for the BorderColor property, it is missing a very much needed property that even I personally wish if it had, that is the “Border Widthproperty, so that we can renderer a nice Border around the Frame as whatever the thickness we wish.

So I thought of making use of my own crazy imagination and hack my way around to get this to work right from Xamarin.Forms itself!

No custom renderers, no platform specific code and no third party libraries! Just by using pure out of the box Xamarin.Forms! 😉

Sneak Peak!

That’s what we gonna be build yol! A Frame control with a Border Width property!


Buckle up fellas, its recipe time! 😉 So the idea here is to simply, build a custom control by adding a Frame Element inside of another Frame Element, like a View parent-child relationship, and giving some Margin property values to the child Frame, which creates a border-like visual around the child Frame, by the parent Frame. Here we can set the background color of the parent Frame as we wish, which will be rendered as the Border around the Frame, and the Margin property of the child Frame will determine the Width of the visible Border. So obviously since we need to push the child’s Frame throughout the panel of parent’s we’re setting the parent Frame’s Padding to zero. Then whatever the CornerRadius we want to set for our custom Frame will always be in a manner that the child Frame’s CornerRadius will be two points less than the parent Frame’s CornerRadius, this is to maintain the nice curved corner radius of the whole custom Frame once the border is rendered.

Also if you need to maintain the HasShadow feature for our custom Frame then you should only set it for the parent Frame, not the child Frame, and since we’re using our own custom built Border we are not going to be using the default BorderColor property of any of the Frames.


Behold the golden XAML code!

<!--  Frame with a Border Width  -->
            Whatever the content you want to
            place inside the Frame goes in here

There we go, just like I explained the parent and child Frame positioned accordingly with the appropriate properties. Notice how I have set the Margin=”1″, which determines the Border Thickness or the Border Width, like I explained before.

Now you are ready to use our custom Frame with Border-Width just like you would as another Frame in Xamarin.Forms! Just place whatever the content you want to put inside the custom frame inside that child Frame as commented in the code snippet! 😉

Now let’s build something fun and fire it up! 😉

Fire it up!

Let me showcase the awesomeness of this with something fun, by comparing it with a default Xamarin.Forms Frame, and the coolness of being able to customize the Border-Width of a Frame! 😉

There you go, completely identical to the default Frame but packed with awesomeness!

Alright load your canons, fire it up!


Alright there you have it running on Android, iOS and UWP side by side! 😀

Grab it on Github!


Well then, that’s it for now. More awesome stuff on the way!

Cheers! 😀 share the love!

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