Welcome to XFHACKS Series!

Hello humans, welcome to my XFHACKS series, where I share my experience on hacking around the Xamarin.Forms environment and pushing the limits of it to get sh*t done, in all kinds of unexpected and creative ways! 😀

Specially I’m going to share my experience on implementing beautiful UI elements right from Xamarin.Forms, without any native implementations. The majority misconception is that in order to implement complex or highly customized UI elements with Xamarin.Forms, you often need to use a third party library or create custom renderers and do native customization, every single time!

I’m here to prove them wrong! There’s so many ways to implement complex and beautiful UI elements right from Xamarin.Forms out of the box without the need of any native renderers or third party libraries! 😀

Stay tuned fellas! Awesome stuff on the way!

Although I’m thinking of renaming the series name to HACKXAMFORMS though instead of XFHACKS!

Meh! I’ll think about it later! 😛

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