Is your Visual Studio stuck at, Emulator is already running?

So few days back after doing a fresh installation on my WIndows 10 laptop, and installing Visual Studio, I tried running a Xamarin Forms project, with the Visual Studio Android Emulator.

The project was successfully building itself, and the Visual Studio Android Emulator also started running successfully, but then the build process was on a hang state after the Emulator started running. Specifically the build log was on a hang state after “Emulator is already running” step, as I saw in the output log in VS.

So after Googling a while I figured out the problem thanks to wasting a bunch on hours on google search and forums, since many others were also having the same issue.

So let me post the solution for you right here.


You must keep in mind that my project was building fine, and the Emulator also started running successfully and booted up itself. I was having a already built solution and up and running Emulator, but the VS couldn’t connect to the Emulator.

The cause for this is Visual Studio debugger was unable to connect to the started Emulator through the ADB (Android Debug Bridge).

This is due a wrong registry entry in the system, where as Visual Studio is looking to start up the ADB and connect to it, in order to connect to the Emulator, but due to this wrong registry entry, VS is unable to find the path to ADB, to start it up.

This is very well explained in this Visual Studio troubleshoot article:

This seem to be happening by default with fresh installations of VS lately, where as the Android SDK installation path in the above registry entry doesn’t seem to be matching with the actual SDK installation location in our system, which is probably done by default when installing Visual Studio 2015.


So yeah as the article explains we just have to update the registry entry with the accurate path to the Android SDK installation in our system, so that Visual Studio can start up ADB to connect to the Emulator.

Step1 : Copy the actual Android SDK installation path

to find the actual Android SDK path in your system, that is referred by Visual Studio, go to the top tool bar of Visual Studio, and open the Android SDK Manager as shown below.


If you did the default Visual Studio installation with the Cross-Platform mobile dev tools, then your path location should also look similar as above.

Copy that path, or type the same exact path on Run command and open the folder and copy the full path from there.

Step2 : Update the invalid registry entry

Open registry editor, by “regedit” in Run window and navigate to the following Registry.


Now open the Path registry key and change the value with the above Android SDK path which you copied earlier.


Well, that’s it.

There goes the solution. Now you should close the Emulator and Visual Studio and reopen your solution, hit F5! you’re all good! 😀



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