Let’s resize a Bitmap and UIImage with Xamarin…

Since the beginning of computers, developers has been struggled with Images. So did I with Xamarin 😉

So here I am sharing my findings on resizing a Bitmap and UIImage respectively on Android and iOS, meanwhile preserving the aspect ratio. I’m sharing this for the ease of fellow Xamarin devs, if anyone is struggling to find a source to find solution for both Xamarin Android and iOS platforms.

Xamarin Android

Alright here goes resizing of a Bitmap on Xamarin Android, and please note that I merely convered this implementation from Java to C# when I was implementing it in my project, and here’s the reference for it :

You need to pass in the height and width you need to resize your Bitmap into. Also as you can see this resizing method scales up the Bitmap on the Y Axis, and scaling begins from the center of the Image. 🙂

private Bitmap ResizeBitmap(Bitmap originalImage, int widthToScae, int heightToScale)
	Bitmap resizedBitmap = Bitmap.CreateBitmap(widthToScae, heightToScale, Bitmap.Config.Argb8888);

	float originalWidth = originalImage.Width;
	float originalHeight = originalImage.Height;

	Canvas canvas = new Canvas(resizedBitmap);

	float scale = this.Width / originalWidth;

	float xTranslation = 0.0f;
	float yTranslation = (this.Height - originalHeight * scale) / 2.0f;

	Matrix transformation = new Matrix();
	transformation.PostTranslate(xTranslation, yTranslation);
	transformation.PreScale(scale, scale);

	Paint paint = new Paint();
	paint.FilterBitmap = true;

	canvas.DrawBitmap(originalImage, transformation, paint);

	return resizedBitmap;


Xamarin iOS

So below is what I used for UIImage on iOS, which I was lucky enough to find through the Xamarin Forum: So kudos to the original post! 🙂

public UIImage ResizeUIImage(UIImage sourceImage, float widthToScale, float heightToScale)
	var sourceSize = sourceImage.Size;
	var maxResizeFactor = Math.Max(widthToScale / sourceSize.Width, heightToScale / sourceSize.Height);
	if (maxResizeFactor > 1) return sourceImage;
	var width = maxResizeFactor * sourceSize.Width;
	var height = maxResizeFactor * sourceSize.Height;
	UIGraphics.BeginImageContext(new CGSize(width, height));
	sourceImage.Draw(new CGRect(0, 0, width, height));
	var resultImage = UIGraphics.GetImageFromCurrentImageContext();
	return resultImage;


Well there you have it.

Enjoy! 😀


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