Fixing Xamarin Android Player issue VT-x is not available (VERR_VMX_NO_VMX)

Last month I re-installed Xamarin Android Player in my Windows PC as I began to encounter some issues after the new update. Right after installing I started XAP, I downloaded an Emulator and tried to run it.

Something Strange…

Suddenly I got this following error, and it didn’t execute from there onwards, I tried downloading a few other Emulators as well, but still had the same issue. Then I uninstalled everything, and even removed the leftover files from the installation locations, but still no luck.


So I opened up Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager manually and tried to run the emulator there. And suddenly I got this error..

VT-x is not available (VERR_VMX_NO_VMX)


Looking for a Solution..

So I crawled through the Xamarin Dev forums for a possible solution, and turned out a whole bunch of people were having the same issue since the latest updates. After going through a few threads I realized what was happening.

Plausible Cause

Usually in Windows 8.1 we have Hyper-V Technology enabled right ? which is required by Windows Phone Emulators. Turns out Xamarin Android Player’s Emulators use Intel-Virtualization Technology . But we cannot have both those features enabled in the same computer as they collapse with each other, whereas if you have Hyper-V enabled, then it will take over Intel-Virtualization and if you had Hyper-V disabled only then Intel-Virtualization will be able to execute.

That means we can not execute both XAP Emulators and WP Emulators at the same time due to above collapse.


So like I said above if we need run XAP Emulators we need to enable Intel-Virtualization by disabling Hyper-V. Therefore go to your Programs and Features -> Turn Windows features on or off -> Untick Hyper-V , and allow you PC to restart.



And now you should be able to run your Xamarin Android Player Emulators without any issue.

Now if you need to re-enable Hyper-V and run your Windows Phone Emulators, you could always follow the same above path and tick-on the Hyper-V feature and restart your PC, which will result in enabling Hyper-V but disable Intel-Virtualization. Yes unfortunately you need to change these settings, and restart if you want to run WP Emulators and back and forth.


However, before this recent update, I was able to run both XAP and WP Emulators at the same time without any issue. But I recall that XAP kept on warning me about Hyper-V being enabled, and it would cause performance issues in the Emulators, and also it had defaultly changed itself to single processors cores in the Emulators along with that warning.

But now it seems like they have completely restricted the Hyper-V incompatibility, which is pretty much annoying, sure it does improve XAP Emulators performance but still it’s annoying to developers like us who has to use both WP Emulators and XAP Emulators during development. 😦

Hope they would come up with a better solution for this soon…

Cheers folks ! Stay Awesome ! 😀


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