So you are not Happy with your Job ? Here’s some Wisdom…

A very well known truth is, that it is hard to find a job which we would love, or be truly satisfied with it. Nearly 60% of the work force out there are suffering from unsatisfying jobs or career experience.


I have published a post previously on, How it Feels like to be truly Satisfied and fallen in Love with your Job … But I thought I shouldn’t be so selfish to leave the other side of the scenario behind which is What if you aren’t satisfied our your job ? or hate you job ? as I, myself started off with a negative career experience and ended up here. 😉 So my advice ?

A lot of people go to work everyday being miserable and all they do is just talk about how miserable they are… but they don’t wanna do anything about it…

– Les Brown

First let that sink in…

The major reason why we have such a huge chunk of unsatisfied employees out there is precisely because of the above reason. Almost everyone only talks about how miserable they are at work or how they hate it or fed up of it, but none of them takes any actions towards it. Most probably due to the laziness or the fear of risk. But if you are not one of those people, then I suggest you keep on reading this article, 🙂 otherwise this article is no use for you…


Make it work…

If you have have a job, and you don’t feel satisfied, try to look for the positive aspects of it, all the good things, could be even teeny tiny bits. Trust me it’s worth it to focus on the tiny bit of positivity, even in the midst of whole bunch of negativity, because if you do, you might end up actually turning it upside down and begin to be satisfied with your job. 🙂 

If not take the next step…

What if that’s not very practical for you ? then keep on looking for your dream job! Keep working your way up, keep improving yourself, and keep an eye out for your dream job. Don’t be ashamed of yourself, first of all identify the reason why you couldn’t get your dream job (be honest to yourself), and then work up for it. Lack of experience ? paper qualifications ? poor interview performance ? identify what went wrong, and keep improving yourself to make sure it won’t happen again. And apply for it again and again.. 😉 Yes ! Make yourself heard !

There was this one company I wanted to get in so badly right after I graduated, so I sent them my CV, but they didn’t even consider me for an interview and replied me saying I lack experience they are looking for. I was terribly disappointed about myself. But I didn’t put myself down, I just kept on working and improving myself throughout every little opportunity I got. Well guess what ?
After one and half years, that same company contacted me on LinkedIn and said they are impressed with my portfolio and how I have engaged myself with technologies, and they would like to offer me a certain job, with a much higher salary than I’m currently getting… 😉 Likewise it’s never too late for your own improvement… Keep on working towards it, and never give up ! 😀


Let go of fear and take risks… SERIOUSLY !

Just because you are unsatisfied with your current job, doesn’t mean all the other jobs would be the same, you may never know, your dream job might still be waiting for you to reach out for it…

– ÇøŋfuzëРSøurcëÇødë

Most of us fear that we won’t be able to get into our dream job and we would be unemployed for the rest of our lives if we leave our current job. It is not ! unless you keep on improving yourself and build your own brand ! 😉 Let go of the misery of life by wasting yourself for an unsatisfied job. There are plenty of jobs out there if you are willing work hard to achieve them, and never give up on yourself.


Take risks towards your own success, let go of your fear and never give up… 😉 Eventually you will find it, and your life will never be the same again…

In Conclusion…

Well to simply put it, as a great man once said…

Cheers everyone ! Wishing you all Success ! 🙂

Stay Awesome ! 😀

All Images are fetched via Google Search, 2015


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