Tried the new Google Developer Console ? It’s awesome ! I started off with a new GCM Service…

Or in other words, How to create a new Android Google Cloud Message (GCM) Service in the new Google Developer Console ! 😉
Now getting back to the story, Google is rolling out a new re-designed gorgeous Google Developer Console recently, embedded with their cool fancy materialistic design and some new easy-to-use features. Few days back I tried out their Beta version, which I must admit, was awesome, and I love it. 😀 They had made major changes to the interface of the console, but the functionality and the features are somewhat almost the same.

behold the new Google Developer Console
…behold the new Google Developer Console!

Well just for giving it a try I created a new GCM service in the new Google Developer Console for one of my hobby-time apps. So let me show you how I did it…

Creating a new GCM Service in the new Google Developer Console

First of all click on the Home option in the left menu pane which will be popped up by the top left hamburger button. Usually when you login you will be automatically redirected to home page but in case if your not, you may follow the above instructions. Once you are in homepage you will see a drop down button right next to the top Search bar saying “Select a Project” but if you had any previous projects created in the Console, then it will show up the default selected project name, either way click on the down arrow and then click on the “Create a Project…” !


Alrighty go ahead and enter the name for your project, and click on “Create” or if you want any Advanced configuration, click on “Show advanced options”


Well if you clicked on advanced options, then you may follow as below, where you may give project name, edit the suggested project name, and select the app engine server location..


After everything is done, go ahead and create. Now that should smoothly create a new project for you. Then you dashboard will be automatically switched into your new project. You could see that in the above top right corner, where the “select a project” changes to whatever the new project you created. 😉

Then once you are done, we need to activate the API component we require for Google Cloud Messaging service which is, “Cloud Messaging for Android” which is under the APIs section.

So go ahead click on that top left hamburger, bring up the side menu, navigate to “API Manager” section.


That should direct you to the API components page as below. Next go ahead and click on “Cloud Messaging for Android” under Mobile APIs section.


Then you will be given an option to enable the API, so click on “Enable” and enable the GCM API for your project.

WOOT WOOT ! Time for happy dance 😉 you have successfully enabled the GCM API for your project..


Well then let’s head into creating access credentials for our service right ?

Right underneath the Overview section you may see the “Credentials” section, head into it to create our access credentials..


Click on “Add credentials” to choose the type of credentials you want to create…


Well in my case I just wanted to create an API access key, so I shall go ahead with it. (you are in luck if you needed the same option) 😉

That will pop up a small dialog as you what type of API key you require, so for that I’m gonna choose “Server Key” ! Because I am in need of connecting this new GCM service to my Azure Notification Hub. 🙂
But if you are looking for other type of API keys such as for your native Android/iOS/ or Web app, you may go ahead with it at this point.


Alright that will take you to creating a new server key. Provide a name for the key, and you could provide any specific server IPs you need to provide.


Hit Create and get your API key (make sure to copy and paste it somewhere safe) ! 😉



Well you could create any number of keys as you wish, and easily access them anytime under “API Manager” -> “Credentials” section !


Well well that is it folks. If you haven’t used the new Dev console I strongly recommend you try it now, you would surely love it. Good job Google, finally a much appealing console.. 😉 You may access the help documentation of the new Google dev console from here.

Have a nice time playing around with the new gorgeous Google Developer Console.. 😉



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