How to Reverse an Array

Recently I went for a job interview, and I was asked to write an algorithm to reverse an array, and yes obviously without using the Array.Reverse() method… 😉

It seemed pretty simple at the beginning, but honestly I struggled a bit in the middle, but after few failed attempts I figured it out a bit for that moment. So I came back home and reattempted it by myself… 🙂

So as usual here I am sharing the code with you guys if any of you ever go through such a situation.. 😀 hope this might come in handy…

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
public class Program
	public static void Main()
		//Reversing a List

		List<int> list = new List<int>();
		for(int l=0; l<list.Count; l++)
		int i = 0;
		while(i < list.Count/2)
			int x = list[i];
			int y = list[(list.Count - i)-1];
			Console.Write("Reversing - ");
			Console.Write(" - ");
			Console.Write(list[(list.Count - i)-1]);
			list[i] = y;
			list[(list.Count - i)-1] = x;	
		for(int l=0; l<list.Count; l++)


Just to share something I learned…
Never rush for a solution just because it looks simple… First take your time, analyse the solution from top to bottom and then go for it.. 😉 or else you might struggle in the middle like I did, which would leave a black mark at your job interview…


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