Google Analytics tracking implementation in Xamarin …

It all began a while back when my boss tasked me to implement Google Analytics Tracking in one of the enterprise mobile applications we were developing using Xamarin platform, and to be specific the whole app was based on Xamarin Forms platform, harnessing the true cross platform abilities of Xamarin…

Since the first day of the development, it’s been a bit hard but a massive learning curve, due to the lack of articles regarding Google Analytics implementation in Xamarin, specifically Xamarin Forms. And yes, I did go through some back and forth mess, as for the lack of resources… But somehow I managed to successfully implement Google Analytics Tracking in our Xamarin based enterprise application.

Therefore I decided to share the experience and the knowledge I gained, with our fellow Xamarin Developer Community and ultimately save the precious time of a another developer, with the hopes of filling the gap of the lack of articles in Google Analytics implementation in Xamarin. 🙂 So here is the series of articles I wrote in that pursue…

Google Analytics implementation in Xamarin Android –

Let’s add Google Analytics to your Xamarin Android App ^_^


Google Analytics implementation in Xamarin iOS –

Let’s add Google Analytics to your Xamarin iOS App ^_^


Google Analytics implementation in Windows Phone –

Let’s add Google Analytics to your Windows Phone App ^_^


Google Analytics implementation in Xamarin Forms –

Okay Finally, Let’s add Google Analytics to Xamarin Forms …


Well there it goes… Google Analytics tracking implementation in Xamarin ! 🙂

Well there it goes folks, hope this post was helpful for you and prolly saved you a lot of time… 🙂 Please share this among other developers as there aren’t much tutorials on Google Analytics tracking for Xamarin, and you may save another developer’s precious time as well… 😉

Cheers ! Stay Awesome ^_^ !


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