Let’s resolve Xamarin deployment error – INSTALL_PARSE_FAILED_ MANIFEST_MALFORMED

Now if you are using Xamarin with Visual Studio, chances are you may have ran into this issue or probably will be soon.. 😉

Create a new Xamarin Android project, and without even adding any code, try to deploy the project to your device… suddenly BOOM ! you get this ! :O


This occurred to me when I created a new Xamarin Android project after updating to the above version. After a series of Stack overflow threads praising, I found a solution, where as it seem to be a bug coming from Xamarin. 😦


Good news ! it seem to be Xamarin has fixed this issue in the new update, either way if by any chance you are using the above version of Xamarin, you better watch out. So for you fellow developers ease of use, I thought of summing up the fix and posting it here.

If you go to your Xamarin Android Properties , you will notice something strange, that the Application name and Package name is missing by default. I found that this is what is causing the above deployment error.

Those values suppose to be filled up by Xamarin, in the moment when the project was created, but probably for some bug, its missing there.

So go ahead and fill up those boxes with appropriate values, Application Name and Package Name.


Fill them up and deploy, and it must be working… 😉


Some has posted in Stack overflow that even after above they were having the same issue, and once they rename the package name’s characters to be all simple letters, it had worked for them, pretty much strangely. Therefore if the above still doesn’t workout, try the package name with all-simple-letters. 😀

Good luck fellas ! 😉


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