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Winning a Special Award at ICTA e-Swabhimani Competition 2014

Oh yeah ! xD One of the most awesome moments in my entire life was when they announced… 😀

“ICTA e-Swabhimani competition’s e-Entertainment and Games section SPECIAL AWARD goes to Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons project by Udara Alwis ! “

OMG ! 😀 that moment of unexpectancy, thinking that I would have no chance among the big companies I competed with during the competition…


WOHOOOOOOOOO ! 😀 Thank you very much Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) and yes it was truly a wonderful event ! 😀

And this was me presenting on my project ‘Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons‘ in front of all the judges and competing Corporate giants… as a Finalist at ICTA e-Swabhimani Competition 2014 ! 😀

Link to Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons project –



You can Check out the Official Fan page of the Project here –



Some Moments to Share…

Receiving the Special Award at ICTA e-Swabhimani all island competition for my Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons project ! 🙂



That moment when you make your own Mother proud… :’)  !  Oh yeah so much of Amma points 😛


Among the Winners at ICTA e-Swabhimani all island Competition… 🙂


Sometimes you just gotta believe in yourself and follow your Dreams by yourself… despite of what everyone else tells you…
And someday you will end up there among the giants… 😉



Some Blog posts regarding my project, Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons,

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Final Presentation at ICTA e-Swabhimani Competition 2014

And this was me presenting on my project ‘Sri Lankan Newspaper Cartoons‘ in front of all the judges and competing Corporate giants…
as a Finalist at ICTA e-Swabhimani Competition 2014 ! 😀

And yes I won the Special Award for e-Entertainment category ^_^ !

Visit the Project Website here –

You can Check out the Official Fan page of the Project here –

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Why UX or User Experience Design is far more important than We Think…

To cut it short 🙂 to the core of what makes us Human…

I believe that whatever the interaction a human encounter with any electronic device, mobile phones and computers.. should be a WOW moment, a feeling of Enjoyment, Pleasure, Surprise or an Enthusiasm !

331[1]  enthusiasm[1]  for-women-business-owners-300x194[1]

– Since the day I started coding, my whole enthusiasm played a huge role on this belief. I always tried to add beauty, color, simplicity, and interactivity for every single interface I ever designed since my very first Hello World javax app, first Win Forms app, first ASP Website, to my 32nd Windows Phone app.

ui-designs-interface-inspiration-31[1] Mobile-Apps-UIUX-Design-1[1]

Why do you think we love eating tasty food, seeing eye catching colors, designs, sceneries.. specially pretty looking girls 😉 ?

food-quotes-tumblr-picture[1] food-wallpapers-(3)[1] 1773823[1]

– Its all because there is the the sense of Enjoyment, Pleasure and Taste that we experience in them. We humans are born with those feelings, and when we encounter them, we fall in love with that interaction, get attracted and addicted to them.
So I believe those feelings should be brought into whatever the Apps and Websites that we design. And if we don’t which I believe the actual Users are gonna get frustrated, because they won’t be having any chance to experience those emotions that we are born with.

– Another reason, why do we love using those pretty iOS apps which are crafted with beauty and simplicity yet accomplish complex tasks ? but we hate using our company’s complex ERP System ? SPOT ON ! 🙂

– I think along the way of our Software application advancements and process complexities we have lost the sense of Humanity, which has turned into a curse for the actual Users of those systems. And its already making them left alone in frustration and stress just because our Engineers and developers don’t think about the basics of UX.

frustration[1] frustrated-at-work[1] 1390905491[1]

– Apple has been an incredible supporter in UX design since the beginning, why do you think its so hard to convince an iPhone user to switch to Android ? Its because Apple devices and Apps has that deeply crafted enjoyment and simplicity in them, which we don’t get much in Android even though android devices are far more superior in tech features. That part what makes those iPhone users Human, doesn’t wanna leave that experience behind, even though the iPhone hardware is not so impressive.

New iPhone on sale iOS_8_3[1] 254601_latest[1]


Since few months back I got recruited by am Europe based IT Company for a Cross platform mobile project. They had already started on the UI of the Mobile app, but it was such an ugly complex mess, a typical UI where you see tons of controls being stuck into a single app page. Therefore I convinced my Project Managers to completely redesign the UI by concentrating on the UX and yes fortunately they allowed me to. So I redesigned the whole UI from the scratch to be more simpler, easy to use and beautiful, just by keeping a few basic UX concerns in mind. Let me tell you, my Team Lead and Project Manager was really impressed and even one of the top Managers from Europe had actually sent me a personal mail saying how he loves the new UI and eagerly waiting for more… 😉

Likewise UX has a huge impact on anything we design, and yes to keep in mind, we can develop any app or website with full UX concentration, doesn’t matter how complex their requirements are. And once you do, people will love them, instead of being tired of using them… 😀

– This is why UX is far more important than we think it is, we need to make more awareness of UX in our IT community. And frankly I love sharing ideas and thoughts among our fellow UX enthusiasts. We have to spread the word that any kind of complex process can be integrated into websites/apps in a UX friendly manner which can make the user fall in love with the interaction, eventually making them feel joy and pleasure just by using the system, without being frustrated.  😀

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