the Amazing Sinhala Language <3 !

Most of us Sri Lankans don’t know this, but Sinhala language is one of the most complex and evolved languages ever existed, so as Tamil language !
Why do you think us Sri Lankans whoever is fluent in Sinhala has the ability to learn and speak any language very easily with the exact native pronunciations of them ? Its because Sinhala is comprised with every single syllable possible, the language itself has prepared us with almost every single way of pronunciation without us knowing.
Why do you think Japanese, Chinese, German or Russian natives have such a different accent when they speak in English, but us Sri Lankans could speak in the very exact native accent of English ? Thats the amazing beauty of Sinhala language. Though it is much ignored by the current society, whereas people think speaking in your native language is a shame, or a ‘gode-kama’ ! Sigh ! Just pure stupidity and western colonization mindset of Sri Lankans !

– Just thought of noting down the above few words while going through the below article,


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