Tried Installing Windows 8.1 Update, being a Windows Phone Developer? ;)

I recently updated my PC to the latest upgrade given by Microsoft, the Windows 8.1 Update ! So after happily installing the Update I tried working on my Windows Phone dev projects on my good awesome Visual Studio 2012. Then when I tried to run one of my apps from the emulator, Unfortunately it kept on popping an error saying “0x80131500”, only showing up a code without even a description. And Visual Studio 2012 wasn’t able to run any of my apps in the emulator. So after going through couple of web searches I found out that your Windows Phone SDK would not work on Windows 8.1 Update, unless you have installed the latest Update for Visual Studio 2012, the VS 2012 Update 4 ! So after downloading and installing the latest update for VS2012 I was able to run my apps in Emulator as usual.

So if you are hoping to upgrade to Windows 8.1 Update, and if you are using VS2012 then make sure you have the latest version of VS2012 update 4 installed on your PC or you have a ready setup to install if something goes wrong after the System update.

Cheers folks ! 🙂

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