Once upon a time…. ‘I Was There Map’ !


I Was There Map, is a revolutionary Facebook based web application which allows you to view all the places you have visited and your Facebook Check-ins. You can view all the amazing information statistics you have never known about those places and your check-ins. You will be shown all the interesting information about You and those check-ins like no other.

It is a project that is being founded and developed by me, few months back, but the project got halted for another few months due to some financial difficulties, anyways I somehow managed to finish it off. So I thought of sharing the actual back story behind this whole Project.

One day I was laying on my bed thinking about all the places that I have visited so far in my entire life, but unfortunately I couldn’t remember half of it and even the time periods… 😦 But suddenly, it hit me Oh yes ! I have been putting Facebook Check-ins for most of those places I have visited so far. Then at the same I was thinking, but its not possible to view all the places I have visited and put up Facebook check-ins, right from my profile ! 😦  There isn’t any way in Facebook to check all the check-ins you have put up, but you can do that by manually going through your Timeline, which would take hours to do so.

And that got me thinking, I’m sure there must be loads of people out there who would be worrying about the same thing I’m thinking right now, and I thought of coming up with a solution for this. Then BOOM ! as an innovative Software Engineer I thought of developing an application… 😉

So this is an Awesome concept I came up with, being able to view all your past check-ins on Facebook and when I kept on working on it, I saw these pretty interesting statistical connection between those places that I have visited and checked-ins. When I viewed all my past check-ins there were some amazing connections and information that were building around it. So I gathered around all those statistical information connections that I found out and blended them together by developing my own algorithms to populate those information. I have been working on it for about couple of weeks and finally its time to release it after testing it out with few of my friends. 😉


So right now, I am about to release the Application in another coupe of hours ! So fasten your seat belts, and be-aware, its gonna Blow your Mind ! 😉 

Oh by the way, if you haven’t put up any Facebook Check-ins ever from your Facebook account in your entire lifetime, then I’m sorry You are gonna have to forget everything about this awesome app and get back to your sadness ! *seriously who wouldn’t have put up a Facebook check-in ever* 😛

Here is a sneak peak into this awesomeness..

So folks,





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