Your Friends before the Final Year Project

I’m sharing these based on my own personal experience based on four years I spent APIIT studying my Software Engineering degree. Well for the most part no one actually talks about these in public, because prolly they think its not nice, or they not bothered, or may be they think everyone else will learn these life experiences by them selves in time. Right now I’m going through the aftermath of waiting for Final results of my degree, which means I’m going through an utter boredom 😛 sleeping all day long, eating, watching movies, crushing some code to get rid of boredom, or trying sneak out of the house to hang out with my gf, which is almost impossibru ! xD So I guess this time period offers me the perfecto atmosphere to waste some time on my blog ! 😀 yeeeeei ! lol

Will be Around You..

So talking about friends, before and during your FYP (Final year project) period, All your friends will be around you. Specially before and after lectures they will be hanging around with you inside the class room and outside. Most of the time we used to bug each other or talk about something hilarious one of us had done during may be our outings or batch trips and so on. And once in a while you may see a couple of friends in a corner with some serious discussion. Talking about  relationship issues, family issues and so on. And then comes a one who talk about techy stuff or gaming stuff all the time with some more geeky friends around. Usually the nerdy type ones, who could be a lil socially awkward.

Usually.. Where Moments Captured…

Usually after lectures, hanging around in the lab, canteen and having all the chit chats, would happen more often. These would be the moment most prolly where random pictures will be captured, where those random pictures will let you cherish the moments in later time of your life.

Asking for help…

Your Friends will be asking for help if you are so good at studies, specially when it comes to girls, from what I have experience there is a higher ratio of girls than guys who asks you for help with their studies if you are good at studies. Some of your friends wouldn’t ask you for help because they are so up in their heads, that they don’t wanna second them selves for you, asking you for help. The type of friends who are jealous of you may be spreading rumors of you or talk low about you when they hear how others are seeking your help in studies.

The Selfish…

There would be those friends of yours who always thinks only about themselves, without even giving you a simple help when you ask for one. Those who thinks that they are the best among everyone and they should not share whatever they know with others. Where as they are mostly motivated by the fact that being selfish and getting good grades than everyone else is the holy grail in undergrad life. lol 😛

Oh the Outings…

Outings will be much more often specially at the beginning of the semester, but in later times, it would fade away with the work load. There in the middle, you may find the little sub groups among friends, go for their own personal outings, while the rejected ones get hurt. The emotional friend which we all have will be crying out loud if you drop them any outing of your little group.

Home Runners…

We often find those friends who return home as soon as the lectures are over, skipping all the hangouts and outings saying various reasons and so on. Sometimes the ones who are in serious relationships, who desires to spend out with their girlfriends or boyfriends would also ditch you in most of the times.

Late Staying…

Knowing the fact that we are leaving in couple of months, there are some of us, our friends who stays late in the campus till the labs are being closed down, having random chit chats, running around here and there, checking out girls in junior batches. lol 😉

The Checking Out…

Something in common in most of the hangouts there will be those friends who checks our girls in the junior batches, rate them, and comment on them, while specially some of them checking out their secret crushes. 😛

A** Givers…

Oh forgot to tell about those ones who gives a**es to the lecturers, going behind everyone in the batch. Hahaha 😀 Have so much of funny memories of most of them in my own batch even. The wanna be nerds or the absolute nerds who pretend to be the good students in the batch in front of lecturers. Oh boy I often wondered whether those people had some mental illness or something. Do not worry these days the batch will be full of that sorta people as specially being at the end of the degree.

The Awesome Group Studies…

The group studies, on one of the best 😀 When the project submissions comes nearby or exams, you and your friends will be doing the legendary ‘Group Study’ thingy, where as the main objective is to study with the whole bunch together but end up wasting time and having some random fun most of the time. Oh so much of memories in group studies. You and your friends starts studying and the whole topic converts into some other jabberish and everyone ends up playing fool and having fun !


Those are some of the memories and experiences I had with my Friends before our Final Year Project thesis. Never the less every single one of those memories and experiences I still remind my self as Good times 😀 after all now we all have just left the university and there would not be any turning backs for that wonderful time.

Cheers folks ! 😀


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