Thoughts in my head on the night of FYP Submission Completion Day !

Yes, I submitted my Final Year Project ! WOHOOOOOOOOOOOO ! 😀 Oh god, it feels so great to say that out loud ! xD lol

Okay now that the FYP submission is done, I’m actually feeling really blank at the moment. So my friends went out tonight to celebrate, but my mind wasn’t in a good mood and i was dead tired after the submission as I couldn’t sleep in two days stretch. Not to mention the fact that I’m kinda financially broke these days by spending all my money on my Server maintenance cost. LOL ! 😛 So I came home after hanging around for sometime, actually after having a tummy filling meal at Mc-Donalds.

Yeah ! I really feel blank and empty ! When I was walking way home, I was actually thinking. So the biggest submission of our graduate life is done, yet the presentation is coming up.. What am I suppose to do now.. well after the presentation, waiting for results at home.. No more college, no more nothing ! 😦

I mean if it was just another submission I would definitely be getting ready for the next day to go to college. But right now, We have no lectures, no meetings, nothing… Its like a big question mark in my head asking, what am I suppose to do now ?
Yeah I have reached the end of my College life, and that is how it actually feels… !

Funny it reminds me of something, I was always very social and friendly with everyone, where I talked to a lot of people and hung around with lot of seniors and so on. Those days when those seniors were about to leave just like us right now, I used to make fun of them saying, You old buggers are not invalid coins, why do you even come to APIIT anymore ? 😛 blah blah… So now when I think about it, yes I actually do feel like some invalid coin with no purpose at College..

Well its time to get ready for the next big step in life, stepping in to the Real World, with finding a Job, making some money to live, getting frustrated of work and suffocating with the actual society out there…. Yeah it is time now !


And I’m still feeling EMPTY and BLANK !          😐


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