Finally the long awaited Final Year Project Done ! :D

The FYP or the Final Year Project as they all call it at APIIT, is finally done for our batch  !8 Months of torture finally came to an end ! 😀 So i thought of leaving a small note on my Final Year Project.

The title of my Final year Project was “Augmented Reality based Product Identification and Advertising System”. Which is a system where users can identify Products or Advertisements using their mobile phones in real time.

Anyhow after going through weeks of sleepless nights, endless number of experimentations and self learning, I was able to develop and implement in a middle of huge amount of technological difficulties. I used SURF Feature Extraction Algorithm as the base Image Matching Algorithm for this System, even though this is the first time anyone in our University has used Computer Vision based algorithm for image matching as I have been told, due to the impossibility of it or may be even more because people actually haven’t looked into it properly.

Anyhow I may give a descriptional explanation on my FYP later, but for the moment, as leaving a note, I was able to successfully complete my FYP even though some of the objectives of the system could not be achieved, well not completely lets say, due to the technological difficulties or more over due to the time constrains. Now you must be wondering why am I blaming for the time constrains, well you would never understand that phrase unless you are an APIITian, because we all know the tough deadlines and submissions we get at APIIT, where as even for the Final Year Project, no matter what, you need to submit on the given date. Yes we do deal with extreme stressed up, packed up deadline submissions. Lemme give you a heads up, Final assignment Submissions, Final Exams, and after that within less than a month Final Year Project Submission.

Now you may say dafaq dude, less than a month is more than enough. Listen you bloody idiotic retard, this is the FYP we are talking about, which is not just another CRUD application or some lame-ass inventory control shit. We are suppose to research, self learn, experiment and innovate something under the topic which we have decided, that is the whole point of it. In mine i was never in to Image Processing, to be honest I haven’t even had any idea about Image Processing until i started researching for my FYP. And then imagine using all that research and developing something completely new out of all those theories that you self learn ! Yeah, enough of me boasting ! lol

We are suppose to do a complete extensive Documentation along with the given proper standards of APIIT, where as mine was 217 Pages, along with 37607 Words ! Yeah well more like I wrote my own personal Bible or something lol ! Yeah now you can imagine, think of it even typing such amount of words thinking from one’s head ? Yeah that is what am talking about. lol. Well not to mention the fact that when I get enthusiastic and passionate about something I could write a whole book about it. 😛

So the next step is the Final Presentation, which is due on next 20th ! Scares me when I even  think of it, but hoping for the best with the determination !

Woah ! What a feeling of relief ! 😀

3 thoughts on “Finally the long awaited Final Year Project Done ! :D

  1. How did you develop AR app? I mean which SDK/IDE you used? I’ve also decided to implement an AR based project. How you designed markers? and will you give me the steps to follow to develope the app?
    I’m basically trying to locate a product in the mall i.e. you point your mobile to the mall shelves and you’ll get the location of product you want and when you reach that location you will get its information after pointing your mobile to the product.
    Thanks 🙂


    1. I used the dot net EmguCV which was a wrapper for OpenCV. I extracted the markers manually in pre-processing and stored them as vectors in a DB. Sorry about the delay reply, I hardly get any free time to checkout my blog these days. 😦 Good luck with your project mate.


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