When I was a Kid…

When I was a Kid, I used to stare at the Sky and Observe the night sky in the middle of the night till dawn. It was more of a life long dream of mine Astronomy Scientist. Well the reason should be the fact that ever since when I was a kid, I was extremely curious about the environment around me, what ever I could get my eye on, I got curious and start thinking about them, specially it was my mom who had to go through that headache when I was asking her 1000s of questions about each one of them. The Night Sky, Later which I later learned to call The Universe, is something which took my brain pretty much melted where as I got so obsessed with it.  I was so fascinated about Universe ever since I was a kid, as it was such an amusement for me even to think, read or even talk with someone about it.


My mom who was really supportive of this behavior of mine, bought me tons of books about Space and Universe. At this same age my own sister also got pretty much interested in astrology. I recall those days, we always used to talk about Astrology whenever possible which became more of a habit of ours. She took me to Science fairs and exhibitions whenever possible even though dad was away from us fighting the 30 years old war against LTTE terrorists at the front lines as an Army Officer. I’m still grateful for all her effort she did towards my every interest even though she had to manage everything by herself with no one to help around.

I used to build up my own simple Telescopes and star maps, where I would use every single night. I would just lie down on a mattress laid on the ground and stare at the sky for hours. I looked up for star patterns, stars, plants, and galaxies across. Something which was really fun was counting the number of asteroids I see everyday and whenever I saw any moving object in the sky I would just jump up and down shouting out, “Hello there mysterious space object, please come and take me to see the universe with you !”. Which was really funny when I later learned they were actually satellites.

I was so fond of the concept of Extra Terrestrial Intelligence, to be frank, Aliens. I recall my mom used to tell me stories of how it would be out there in the other planets and their living beings, their advanced intelligence, and specially how it would be like if they visit us. Sometimes we made up stories of what we would do if some aliens visits our house and so on which were pretty much our bed time stories throughout our childhood.

Those days, I would stare at the sky all by my self thinking how many worlds would be out there with beings of greater intelligence than us and are we actually alone in the Universe, why don’t they visit us in public. Sometimes I would secretly wish for a visit by Aliens to our me and take me to their planets to see the universe.

Thinking about the Universe when I was a kid, made me realize how small We are as Humans, having millions of planets, stars, galaxies out there. A huge part inside always whispered me, We are not Alone ! They will visit us Someday !

When the other kids were talking about Super heroes, or Cars, or their expensive Lame-ass toys, I was wondering and trying to solve this puzzle about Universe being a lonely silent kid.


3 thoughts on “When I was a Kid…

  1. dude its *astronomy (not astrology) 🙂
    cool kid. my story is pretty much the same instead i always wanted to create things when others just used already created stuff from lameAss toys to cars.

      1. Haha! you too bro!
        This blog is awesome! i should start one too. really interesting stuff .
        read all ur recent posts . keep on rockin .

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