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Windows Phone and Android SDKs from a Developers eye…

I started my Mobile Application Development with Android, which means my first step of Mobile App dev is with Android ❤ ! It was extremely confusing at the beginning and it took me a while to figure out how to code a proper organized application. It was a bit easier for me because I was a total Java enthusiast back then, specifically back when I was in first year of university.

Then only I got into Windows Phone App development with the guidance of my brother and my mentor, Nisal, which became an EPIC  journey of my life. Ever since I have been cooking around with WP, which I got extremely addicted. But recently I had to take a look back into Android due to a project I’m working on these days. This triggered a light bulb in my head forcing me to compare the both Android and Windows Phone SDKs based on my own experience.

Android SDK gives complete access to the Developer for the OS resources but when it comes to Windows Phone SDK, I honestly have to say its total bullshit. I mean no offence for WP but the fact that they don’t give full access permission to the Developer is pretty retarded and crappy issue I see in WP SDK. I’m wondering whether this is the reason that there are not much of ground breaking Apps being developed on WP platform but on Android. Android SDK gives unprecedented access to its OS resource for the developers and that leads for amazing app development cycles. Well if we think about it Microsoft has taken this restriction may be due to the security issues and they wanted to maintain the standards like you know, not letting the developers meddle with everything in the OS and user’s content. This is one of the main factors I love about Android and somehow they still maintain to bypass the security issues even though they give full access to Developers which WP don’t. I think this is a serious issue Microsoft need to take a look at.

Android Emulator, the worst piece of shit ever ! but Windows Phone Emulator ❤ ! 😀 Android emulator takes a hell lot of time to load up and shit consumes a lot of resources in the machine. When it comes to Windows Phone emulator, its really fast and provides almost all the functionality needed to test an application, moreover its really intuitive for the developer when it comes to Application deployment time. It takes only very few seconds to build and deploy an application on Windows Phone emulator. But when it comes to Android, you could take a nap and come back to test your application. 😛 Well I’m not certain whether its dependent on the PC Hardware config, yet given the situation my Laptop is Core i7, 4GB RAM so its quite impossibruuu.

I don’t know about you, but I find it pretty much messed up when it comes to UI Design in Android, I remember those days I had to code everything from scratch to design the UI for a simple app I developed though I don’t know whether there are any solution been given for the UI design in Android. This is one this I love about Windows Phone, the UI design is extremely simple and quicker. You can design stunning amazing UIs with WP SDK using Microsoft Blend. It provides amazing features and tools for designing the UI and the best part of it is that its extremely simple and fast. This is another reason why App development in WP is extremely fast and simple which leads more and more developers to develop apps with ease and much love and addiction for the WP. 😉

WP project files and their hierarchies are much simpler and organized, easy to integrate and maintain where as Android project files are pretty much complex and messed up. Well you might call me a total noob because I brought up this fact, and I would say, YES, I am a n00b ! 😛 Stop reading and get lost. This is just my personal idea based on my experience, if you think about it, how many beginners level developers would be out there struggling their ways to develop a simple App. In that kind of perspective this is an advantage for Windows Phone.

So that is all I can think of at the moment, given the fact that I’m depressed with my Final Year project. lol. Anyhow just as an advice I would tell you, Windows Phone Development is much better, easy to adopt, faster, reliable and executes on a proper standard platform. But it is restricted from a developers perspective where Android is fully open for developers which will definitely lead you to develop ground breaking apps.

I started my journey of Mobile app development with Android, which was really hard yet gave me loads of experience and that experience led me to easily figure out Windows Phone app development. Therefore if you are a beginners level developer looking to start your mobile app dev journey, I would say start with Android, get your hands first dirty with Android. Then later get into Windows Phone app development which will make it much easier for you to learn and go ahead as you have gotten experience already with Android, and I believe if you go ahead with WP Dev, the future is much brighter as it is an extremely rapid increasing market out there.