I believe Knowledge…

I believe Knowledge is meant be shared, nurtured, evolved… but those who hide knowledge for selfish purposes would not last, even though they move forward forcefully, they fail at the end.. in a World where Knowledge is an extremely empowering skill… The more you share, the more you gain, the more you connect, the more we strengthen our lives, as we human being are born to share and connect with each other, that urge which makes us very human…
That is where the problem is, we were taught not to share and be selfish, ever since our childhood by our parents and teachers, which would make us success is now a total joke !

Said by Me ! 🙂
ÇøŋfuzëÐ SøurcëÇødë

2 thoughts on “I believe Knowledge…

  1. Very true and this post u shared is so valuable udara . Very nyc and I think your attempt to put ur good and confused thoughts really did work off . 🙂 😉


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